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Our top 5 winter warming recipes

Our top 5 winter warming recipes

The cold air has finally hit us and we are all longing for spiced drinks, slowed cooked casseroles or curries, warming roast dinners and hot steamy puddings. Here we have our top 5 winter warming recipes to see you through those cold days and chilly nights!

1. Cheesy Mexican taco pasta tray bake

Kicking us off first, we have a cheeky Mexican and Italian fusion! This is our spicy pasta tray bake made our Everyday Favourites cheddar cheese, taco seasoning and beef mince. World Foods coming together to create sensational taste bud goals! Comfort food for the colder seasons with a piquant heat kick!

Winter warming recipe - Mexican taco pasta bake

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2. Chinese roast chicken

Continuing with the fusion goodness, we have the ultimate Chinese style roast chicken, with salt and pepper roasted potatoes and wok fried greens! An Asian twist on a British classic and it tastes delicious!! Head over to the top food and drink trends for 2024 to discover more Fusion Food trends for 2024!

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3. Sri Lankan dahl

Sri Lankan cuisine is full of fragrant spices and intense selections of flavours, the perfect menu choice for those wanting to explore world food options! Our Sri Lankan dahl uses The Streetfood Company Sri Lankan Paste (26105) and is perfect for crafting a Sri Lankan inspired curry, we’ve used tofu to soak up all those flavours, what meat or meat substitute would you use?

Winter warming recipe - Sri Lankan dahl

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4. Sticky toffee pudding

Now for something sweet – how about our sticky toffee pudding with caramelised banana skin for your winter recipes? A warming sticky toffee pudding made with caramelised banana skin and accompanied with Yarde Farm ice cream and Joe & Steph’s popcorn! An indulgent spoonful of both warm and cold deliciousness!

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5. Truffle mac n cheese

Finally, we have a taken a crowd favourite but added a little twist! A truffle infused mac n cheese, topped with slow cooked beef in Chianti and crispy onions! I know – my mouth just salivated! I’ll repeat, mac n cheese, topped with slow cooked beef in Chianti, topped with crispy onions!!!! The perfect side dish option to add to your menu! Don’t walk to the kitchen, run!

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There we have our top 5 winter warming recipes! Do you have any favourites? – If so, get in contact to let us know and better yet, if you decide to follow our recipes, share your thoughts with us and send pictures! Enjoy!

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