From freshers’ week through to graduation we are here to offer you the latest innovation to help attract your students.


We know it’s not easy to continually provide exciting menus that will grab the attention of the next generation whilst generating you profit. Our focus is all about providing you with the solutions to capture the imagination of the student market and generate a profit at the same time!



Our strong partnership with TUCO and insight led approach means we are here to offer you the support you need. Our team of university specialist account managers can support you throughout the year, helping with freshers’ week through to the exam period and then graduation.

Take a look through some of the solutions we can provide you with!

Channel insights

The student market

With the majority of students and university staff eating from university cafés and canteens at least once a week the focus is on getting the student market eating more regularly from your outlets.

Students constantly call for cheaper, healthier, lighter, and more adventurous options on campus but then opt for unhealthy fast food or ‘dude food’ when pushed. Finding the right balance between the healthy options and ‘dude food’.

Trends to consider


Day part dilemma 

Millennials don’t eat three square meals a day – according to trend watchers, 35% of their meals are really snacks. This makes capturing spend from hungry students increasingly difficult meaning an offer suiting the student market needs to work around the clock.*

*Mintel 2018


Better me

Healthy foods are all the rage at the moment with students leading the march on creating a better persona. Healthy waters, low sugar snacks and high protein hits continue to grow! Check out our snacking range for more products fitting this trend.**

**Mintel Attitudes towards healthy eating – Feb 2018


Street eats

Nearly a third of self-described foodies say they often buy street food. Vibrant street food offers help students stay on trend and explore their palates…a definite yes for your menu!***

***The Grocer, 2018

Our support tools

Freshers 2019

Get your new students locked in for the entire academic year by wowing them in week one. We have a raft of innovative products that are sure to grab your students attention and encourage them to come back for more. We also have great offers on some key core products for you to help you balance the budgets in the first weeks of the term.


Our graduation and summer parties range has the full spectrum of products to suit your celebratory needs! Click below to view the range and our 2018 guide

Achieving Food for Life

We’re also a member of the Soil Association’s Catering Mark Supplier Scheme. The Food for Life Catering Mark is a Soil Association assurance scheme to help leading caterers give their customers the confidence that the products they are buying meet the matters they care about.

We are able to provide you with over 9.000 products which meet at least one of the standards, and will help you work towards the Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation.

Managing allergens

A study by the Food Standards Agency revealed that 6 out of 10 young people (aged between 16-24) with an allergy or intolerance avoided eating out in the past 6 months because they feared what was in their meals. *Food Standards Agency, 2018

Our team of experts at the Bidfood Advice Centre are available for all your units to answer any question about our products.

Email us at advice_centre@bidfood.co.uk or call us on 0370 3663 000


With students’ lives becoming increasingly busy and fast paced, on the go food and convenient packaging is growing in demand. For a university wanting to tap into the food to go market, it is important to be informed when deciding on packaging. Students are looking for food freshness, quality and consistency so the packaging designs need to be fit for purpose. Within our Food2Go flyer, we have outlined an array of packaging solutions to help fit any university’s needs.

What’s more, we have a range of brochures to help inspire your chefs…


What our customers say about us


Executive Chef, The University of Birmingham

I have used Bidfood for many years and have always been impressed by their professionalism, service standards and product range offered. Ticks all the boxes for me in what I look for in a supplier.


Unit Manager The University of Warwick

Bidfood offer a great service, they are always polite and willing to help. They have a great customer support, their account manager is always proactive and helpful with any requests! Thank you

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