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In recent years we’ve seen a massive rise in consumers taking on a vegan lifestyle. But it’s not just vegans that are influencing the way we have to think about the food we serve. Consumers that have an allergy to dairy will also benefit from vegan food offerings and there is also a rise in consumers taking on a flexitarian lifestyle as they look to reduce the amount of meat they eat.


With all this happening around us in the UK Foodservice market offering vegan food is becoming essential to caterers. It’s also a fantastic and exciting opportunity for food businesses create some exciting and innovative dishes for menus.


With the absence of meat and dairy, thinking creatively and using strong flavours is key to cooking up a vegan dish and we want to help you with this. From scratch-cook recipes using exciting new ingredients such as jackfruit and mock duck, to brand new ready-made vegan options for your menus we’ve got a lot to offer you. Take a look at the range and recipes within this guide that is full of some of our favourite options for your menus.


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Take a look at a few of our favourite vegan recipes below

Why offer vegan?*

increase in the number of vegans in the UK in the last decade

91% of vegans struggle to find food-to-go options

mentions of vegan are up 72.3% on menus over the past year

of Brits either do not eat meat, have reduced the amount of meat they eat or are willing to cut down

people aged 15 or over have adopted a plant-based diet (up from 150,000 in 2006)

of UK students expect vegan or vegetarian food to be available at their university catering or retail outlets

What’s not vegan and why?


  • Some white sugar – some white sugars are processed using bone char. Within our recipes we’ve used Tate & Lyle dark brown sugar instead.
  • Marshmallows – contain gelatine which comes from animals.
  • Worcestershire sauce – Lea & Perrins contains anchovies.
  • Some wines and beers – some wines and beers are clarified using gelatine, isinglass (fish bladders), bone marrow or casein so watch out. Check out our list of vegan-friendly wines below.
  • Honey – as it comes from bees, maple syrup is a good vegan-friendly replacement.
  • Cochineal – also known as E120 is a red colouring that is created from crushed insects. This can sometimes be used in soft drinks and sweets.
  • Bread – enriched breads are not vegan due to eggs and added butter so it’s worth checking before you buy. Take a look at our favourite vegan-friendly breads below.
  • Apple juice – some apple juices are clarified using isinglass (fish bladder). We’ve got lots of vegan-friendly apple juices available. Pip Organic cloudy apple juice is a great option for a single serve, while Pure apple juice re-seal is a great multi-serve option.

*Source: 1 Mintel – Attitudes towards Leisure Venue Catering – UK – June 2017, 2 Sodexo International University Lifestyle Survey September 2017, 3 Eating Better Alliance 2017, 4 Sources: MenuMonitor, Digital Resource Library, Technomic Inc, 5 The Vegan Society December 2017, 6 IPSOS Mori 2016.


Vegan breakfast can be much like any other breakfast. Whether you offer breakfast off a pre-set menu or as a breakfast buffet it’s all about making simple switches and making your offering flexible.

We’ve put together both ‘make it’ and ‘serve it’ options to help you decide what’s better for you, providing easy scratch cook recipes and simple ready-to-serve on-the-go options.

Delifrance spelt & quinoa vegan croissant

Lizi’s on the go treacle & pecan granola

New York Bagel Company wholemeal bagel


On-the-go snacks for someone that follows a vegan lifestyle don’t need to be hard to find. No longer does it just have to be plain fruit or nut mixes. There are now plenty of brands that produce vegan-friendly snacks and we’ve listed some of our favourites in this section.

We’ve also created some recipes for scratch-cook snacking options including peanut butter & chocolate cookies and vegan snacking balls.


Nowadays vegan doesn’t necessarily mean healthier. Offering a selection of healthier vegan options and those naughty treat meals can help you become the destination for vegan eating. Creativity in the kitchen has caused a rise of vegan versions of traditional meat dishes such as fish and chips and dirty burgers being created by chefs wanting to offer a more versatile vegan menu.

Offering vegan dishes is not only a great opportunity to provide choice and variety on your menus but also an opportunity to increase your margin per dish. Meat protein costs money. Removing this and replacing with fruit, vegetable and grain based foods you can reduce the overall cost of your menu options.

Gluten free vegan Penang curry

Everyday Favourites three bean chilli

KK giant couscous

Bakery and desserts

Providing vegan bakery products is now simple with Bidfood. We’ve got plenty of options for your customers that are vegan-friendly. From standard sliced breads, rolls, burger buns and even a brand new loaf cake, we’ve got a large selection for you.

When it comes to desserts offering vegan can be more difficult as naturally a lot of prepared desserts come with dairy products in their ingredients list. We’ve worked with our suppliers to deliver you a great range of vegan desserts, simple and easy for you to serve with some dairy free ice cream.

Everyday Favourites plain bar marked tortilla

Everyday Favourites MK5 floured baps

Everyday Favourites Mk5 malt grain bap

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