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Inspired by vegan


Whilst the majority of Brits are meat eaters, we are seeing an undeniable shift towards vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles. Fuelled by growing concerns around the environment and animal welfare, many consumers are choosing to cut back on their meat consumption and are turning to plant-based options instead.

What’s new to our vegan range?

Banana blossom

Following on from mock duck and jackfruit, banana blossom is the next plant based protein popping up on menus


“Tofoo” is not like other tofu, it’s handmade using a secret Japanese recipe creating a better texture and taste

Ready meals

We have a wide selection of quick and tasty vegan meals including 'Mac No Cheese' and 'Chilli Non Carne'

Burgers and hot dogs

Indulge in our popular vegan junk food options including burgers and hot dogs

Premium vegan mayonnaise

Perfect for burgers, chips or homemade coleslaw and potato salad, we have launched a 1ltr bottle of vegan mayo that will appeal to plant based consumers


Discover our new vegan desserts which are perfect for all to enjoy. From easy no-cook cheesecakes to a zesty gluten free key lime pie, these tasty desserts will be enjoyed by all, not just vegans

Sweet bakery

Our vegan sweet bakery range has a few new exciting additions, bringing you some of our favourite classic sweet bakery options in a vegan friendly format

Drinks and snacks

Take a look at our popular vegan drinks and snacks options from Nix & Kix and Proper Chips

Have you spotted our brand new vegan cookbook?


Vegan breakfast can be much like any other breakfast. Whether you offer breakfast off a pre-set menu or as a breakfast buffet, it’s all about making simple switches and making your offering flexible. We’ve put together both ‘make it’ and ‘serve it’ options to help you decide what’s better for you, providing easy scratch cook recipes and simple ready-to-serve on-the-go options.

Delifrance spelt & quinoa vegan croissant

Alpro milk

Everyday Favourites flapjacks

Snacks and soft drinks

On-the-go snacks for someone that follows a vegan lifestyle don’t need to be hard to find. No longer does it just have to be plain fruit or nut mixes. There are now plenty of brands that produce vegan-friendly snacks and we’ve listed some of our favourites in this section of the guide, along with vegan friendly soft drinks.


Offering vegan dishes is not only a great opportunity to provide choice and variety on your menus but also an opportunity to increase your margin per dish. Using fruit, vegetables and grain based foods can provide better value for your customers and reduce the overall cost of your menu options.

Bakery and desserts

When it comes to vegan desserts it can be difficult, as naturally a lot of prepared desserts come with dairy products in their ingredients list. We’ve worked with our suppliers to deliver you a great range of vegan desserts and sweet bakery options that are simple and easy for you to serve, as well as some vegan friendly ice cream.

Premium Selection chocolate & clementine torte

Churros loops

Vegan and gluten free salted caramel cheesecake


Lots of alcohol is not vegan-friendly due to the clarifying process it goes through. Often animal derived products are used to clarify the liquids. However, there are plenty of vegan-friendly alcohol options out there, and we’ve listed some of our favourites available from our wholesale alcohol brand Unity to help you stock your bar.

D'Arry's Orlg Sh Gren 14

2014 Rioja Crianza Ram Bllbao

Bathtub gin

Top vegan ingredients

1. Plant based proteins

Including tofu, mock duck, jackfruit and banana blossom

2. Nuts and seeds

Take a look our range of vegan nuts and seeds including Everyday Favourites salted peanuts and sesame seeds

3. Milks

Take a look at our full range from Alpro including almond, soya and oat milk varieties

4. Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a fantastic vegan-friendly replacement to honey for sweetening up a whole host of different recipes including quinoa pancakes

5. Herbs and spices

Take a look at our vegan-friendly Everyday Favourites herbs and spices range

6. Pasta

Pasta mentions of vegan are up 72.3% on menus over the past year!

7. Vegetable stock

Take a look at our vegan-friendly stock including Essential Cuisine vegetable stock mix and Major vegetable stock base

8. Beans

A staple ingredient to every vegan diet - take a look at our full range including Everyday Favourites butter beans, baked beans and cajun coated fine beans

9. Dates

Vegan-friendly and perfect at sweetening up your favourite dishes

10. Grains and pulses

Ideal for adding flavour and texture

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