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Our corporate responsibility and sustainability priorities

Sustainability is key to our business strategy and something we consider in everything we do. Forward thinking is one of our businesses’ five key ingredients and through our sustainability plan we’ve set ourselves clear and challenging targets, which we revisit each year to ensure we track progress and maintain focus. We feel it is important to deliver our services in the right way, to help our customers grow and to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible.

This year we’re launching a new three-year strategy which radically changes the way we manage our sustainability agenda. We’re aligning our strategy to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, so look out for the icons as you read about the different strands of our approach. To find out more about this, access our 2018 sustainability report ‘Food for the Future’


Sustainable development report 2018



We’re the driving force behind, our leading online initiative dedicated to creating positive change for sustainability in foodservice. acts as a central hub, bringing organisations together to share best practice and to help take the industry’s sustainability agenda forward.

The site offers guidance on everything from regulations to generating savings and achieving zero waste to landfill, with practical resources including handy templates, guides and case studies across foodservice sectors, from education to contract catering, making it easy to use, share and benefit.

Why not become a contributing member on plate2planet and share your case studies, research, best practice and stories with the other members. Help everyone to benefit and visit the site now to sign up

visit plate2planet here!


Supporting industry initiatives

We’ve signed up to the WRAP Courtauld Commitment 2025, which aims to reduce the resources needed to provide food and drink in the UK by 20% in 10 years. Clear targets, consistent measurement and collective reporting will help us succeed.

We also use the UN Sustainability Development Goals to help guide our activities and we have a specific focus on goal 12; Responsible consumption and production.


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