Serving up sustainability

Our corporate responsibility and sustainability priorities

Sustainability is key to our business strategy, and has been a journey that we’ve been on ever since our business began back in 1999. Fast forward to 2019 and the issues driving our sustainability strategy are even more pressing in their urgency, and the range of issues that it needs to confront are so much wider.

In response to this challenge, we have radically changed the way we manage our sustainability agenda, putting in place a three-year strategy with the aim of setting ourselves new, stretching targets that will hasten the pace of progress both across our businesses and within the industry.

Click here to read our Sustainable Development Report for 2019 “Sowing the seeds of change”



We are the driving force behind plate2planet – an initiative dedicated to creating positive change for sustainability in foodservice. The plate2planet LinkedIn group acts as a central hub, bringing communities together to share best practice and help take the industry’s sustainability agenda forward.

The group offers a place where members from across the foodservice sector can share practical resources, guides and case studies. It is also a place for members to discuss and debate hot topics and connect with others.

Why not become a contributing member on the plate2planet LinkedIn group and share your case studies, research, best practice and stories with our other members? Help everyone benefit

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Partnerships for the goals

We’ve signed up to the WRAP Courtauld Commitment 2025, which aims to reduce the resources needed to provide food and drink in the UK by 20% in 10 years.

We’ve also pledged to Target, Measure and Act on food waste which is a big problem in the foodservice sector, as food that goes to landfill decomposes and generates greenhouse gases. That’s why we have pledged to Step Up to The Plate engaging in ground-breaking action to reduce food waste from farm to fork.

With the same aims in mind, we’re also supporting WRAP’s Guardians of Grub campaign and the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap.

Clear targets, consistent measurement and collective reporting will be critical to our success as an industry in achieving waste and emissions reduction. WRAP provide invaluable resources and toolkits to help organisations measure and reduce food waste. These resources are all available free of charge via

We’re also part of the Planet Mark sustainability certification programme, which requires evidence of measurable reductions in our carbon footprint.

We support more than 260  local and national charities and local community projects through fundraising and volunteering opportunities, particularly in relation to food poverty, and holiday hunger schemes.

We have also build special partnerships with several key charities: Springboard, The Prince’s Trust, the Dallaglio Foundation and recently with Middlesex Cricket Club on their Middlesex Moves programme promoting health and wellbeing and healthy eating amongst school children.

In February 2019, we signed up to WRAP’s Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, and to this end have continued to work closely with Fareshare, and a whole range of other smaller organisations, so that it’s not wasted.

FareShare redistribute unsold food to food kitchens, charities and other initiatives operating in the community, helping those in need.

In the last year we have extended our donation activities to 22 of our sites, who in total have donated a staggering 509 tonnes of surplus food.

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