Tips for Reducing Waste

With so much focus on costs and on having the right products for your menu, it’s absolutely vital that you do all you can to reduce wastage.

Make friends with your freezer

Reduce all elements of your menu

Use products multiple times on your menu

Think of differnet ways to reduce waste

If you have the freezer capacity, utilise it as much as you can.

If you need to prioritise your freezer, think about what defrosts the quickest so you don’t have too much stock defrosting at the same time and so you can quickly defrost product during a busy service.

Reduce your menu size where you can

The bigger the menu you have, the more preparation/stock you have to hold and potentially lose.

By having a large menu, it means there is more room for mistakes to happen during service as a result of overcooking and undercooking, particularly if your labour is strained.

Tips for reducing food waste

Try to use a product multiple times on your menu, for example:

• Can your burger bun become a pretzel bun to be used also as a gourmet American style bun carrier for your sandwich menu?

• Could you look at the cheese slice you use for burgers? Could the cheese be used as a sandwich fill or even added with ham to create a chicken schnitzel cordon bleu on a main course dish?

• Look at the sauces you’re using and find ways for using them across your menu on different dishes. For example, you could use a tomato base in pasta dishes, soups and as a pizza topping, but you could also use it to mix it in with other premium flavours, like harissa, for quality dips.

This enables you to use up ingredients whilst they’re in date and helps reduce waste and costs at the same time.

Providing food for the future

We’ve been active on Sustainability for more than a decade, so now it’s part of our DNA. Today the issues are more urgent than ever, and the range of issues our strategy needs to address are wider.

Learn more about our goals and read our sustainability development report for 2021 here.

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