Date posted: 17/01/2023

Food waste BBQ beef Yorkshire pudding wrap

A trendy dish perfect for using up food waste items. BBQ Bourbon and maple shortrib with oozing cheesey bubble and squeak.

  • Serves 10
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Yorkshire base (51375) 10
Pulled cooked shortrib 500g
Maple Bourbon BBQ sauce (95690) 150ml
Gravy 150ml
Leftover mash 500g
Cooked cabbage (shredded) 100g
Cooked carrots (roughly chopped) 100g
Roasted parsnips 100g
Onion (peeled sliced, caramelised) 100g
Beef dripping left from beef
Off cuts of cheese 150g
Mozzarella 100g


  1. Defrost the wraps.
  2. Heat the beef dripping in a pan add the mash and all veggies, fry until golden, season with black pepper add cheese off cuts, mix then press down to compress, flip fry again to make a cake.
  3. Heat a saucepan add the jus, add the BBQ sauce and pulled beef.
  4. Warm the wrap, add the hot beef, top with mozzarella, top with bubble and squeak, roll up.
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