It's tough work running a kitchen, the pressure, the heat, making sure staff are working well and making sure that all covers are met. Sometimes it's nice to get a bit of help when thinking about what food you want to serve up and what trends are on the horizon. We want to be that help. At Bidfood we have teams of people dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest trends and innovations, putting together fantastic visual guides for campaigns and events throughout the year, and making sure we bring innovative products to your attention. These are just some of the areas you can look through at your leisure; we aim to inspire!
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  • 2024 Food and Drink Trends

    With consumer optimism growing, the eating out market is set to restore itself back to full strength in 2024. The market continues to adapt in an ever-changing landscape.
  • Supporting your business

    At Bidfood we can provide you with information and added value resources to make your decision making process much simpler.
  • Caterers calendar

    At Bidfood we understand how important calendar events are to caterers. Big calendar events bring people together and when they're together they're going to want to eat!
  • Recipes

    At Bidfood, we're all about the food. We have a team of development chefs working all the time trying out new trends and new flavours to come up with winning dishes.
  • Podcast

    Here we discus the latest hot topics with key voices from both inside and outside of Bidfood.
  • Bidfood Kitchen

    Episode series where we cover hot topics in foodservice and showcase the latest trends, recipe innovation, and industry support.
  • Unlock Your Menu

    With the many challenges facing our industry, we've put together some advice and guidance to help you to create a more flexible and profitable menu.
  • Chefs Corner

    Chefs Corner is all about our talented chefs and here you'll find out more about their roles. They'll also share advice, tips and inspiration with three of their favourite seasonal recipes.
  • Blogs

    Discover our latest blog posts on all things foodservice.
  • World Foods

    Dedicated to bringing you consumer trending cuisines from around the globe! Inspiring cuisines from Europe, Asia, Africa and America, supporting you with: key insights, inspiring recipes, simple menu solutions and cuisine led product ranges that will help you incorporate global foods and flavours on your menu!
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