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Whether you want the best coffee in town, or want to offer the full food and drink solution, we have the whole range for you.

The UK coffee market is still enjoying phenomenal growth with sales of £9.6bn and over 24,000 outlets in 2017. *Allegra World Coffee Portal Project Café 2018

We aim to break down what it means to run a coffee shop, from choosing the coffee range to highlighting some key food pairing opportunities, added value tips and thoughts on how to market and promote your business! It’s evident coffee is here to stay, so now is the time to get involved and be a part of this evolving opportunity.

Channel insights

As a coffee shop, it’s important to continually develop your offer in line with trends and customer demands.  In order to help keep you up to date with the newest flavours, coffee pairings or general market trends, we aim to support you through sharing market trends from our team of experts.

Trends to consider


Latte art

One sure fire way for people to be drawn to your coffee shop is to brighten up your lattes with latte art. What’s more, customers are known for posting their food and drink on social media so it could double up as promotional activity.

The Food People Drinkswatching January 2018


Cold coffee

Frappes are the go to summer coffee drink with most chain coffee shops offering exciting flavour varieties. What’s more, coffee connoisseurs are bringing new creations to the coffee market and cold coffee is no exception. The technique uses nitrogen to create a rich, velvety finish that tastes great!

The Food People Categorywatching 2018



Coffee cocktails

Fancy making some of your coffee Irish? Coffee cocktails are a great addition to your menu! According to Mintel, a third of 22-34 year olds want to see more coffee houses serving alcohol in 2017 so stay ahead of the trends and get involved.

The Food People Categorywatching 2018


Our support tools


The food on the go market is a huge opportunity with 22% of consumers opting to order a takeaway once a week rather than eat in a restaurant. *Mintel Eating Out – The Decision Making Process 2018

As a coffee shop wanting to tap into this market, it’s important to be informed when deciding on food packaging. Customers are looking for food freshness, quality and consistency so the packaging designs need to be fit for purpose. Have a look at our Food2Go catalogue for more information!

Point of sale

In order to help promote your coffee shop, we have created a number of posters as well as a social media planner with example posts. The posters can be used as posters or flyers to help promote our customers coffee and food offers. The social media planner is a simple layout designed to help you plan your communications. The example posts are split into seasons or topics to help aid you in creating content for your social media feeds. Please contact your sales representatives for a high resolution version.


Chef top tips

We are bringing a range of ideas, tips, added value information and repurposing recipes to help you build margins, reduce costs and create value in numerous ways.

The tips are split into 4 areas:



The coffee shop market is continuing to rise—with turnover expected to double to £16 billion by 2025! *Business Review Europe 2017
As artisan outlets build momentum, we have new insights and information from the industry prepared for you in this newsletter. These, along with insights from trade experts, will help keep you up to date with the latest trends.

Managing allergens

Just under 50% of consumers report that they, or someone in their household, avoid at least one food or ingredient.*Mintel Free-From Foods UK 2018

Our team of experts at the Bidfood Advice Centre are available for all your units to answer any question about our products.

Email us at or call us on 0370 3663 000

What’s more, we have a range of brochures to help inspire your chefs…


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