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The market is changing, costs are climbing, recruitment is a challenge, and consumers are evolving. Fast.

To succeed and thrive in the pub environment, it’s important to have one finger on the pulse. Market-led products and industry intelligence, help you stand out from the crowd.

To make life easier, we’ve created The Pub Kitchen Club. Crammed with the latest consumer and sector trends, insight from business leaders and industry influencers, and advice on tap – direct from our team of channel experts.

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Making menu pricing work for you and your customers

Ensuring your pricing strategy delivers both a healthy profit for the business and an enticing pricepoint for the customer is always a key focus for menu developers.

But with the current unprecedented market challenges, there has never been such a key time for finding the right balance between absorbing soaring costs and passing them on to guests.

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Chef and operator solutions

Industry Q&A


Pub menu trends


From four-day weeks, a chef academy for people with no experience, to a scheme where people of all ages and levels of experience can book shifts on demand, three operators share insights on the strategies that are helping them attract team members.

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Development chefs share tips on the trends they are focusing on with their pub menus to help keep their menus both enticing to customers and profitable.

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In these cost-conscious trading times, and with food inflation remaining a key challenge, having a pricing strategy that delivers for both your bottom line and customers’ pockets is a fine balancing act that operators need to achieve to survive and thrive.

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