Welcome to Unlock Your Menu; our hub of support to help you unlock the full potential of your menu.

With so many challenges facing our industry, we wanted to put together some advice and guidance to help you with creating more flexible and profitable menus. Here you can discover many different resources, such as our money saving tips guide which provides ingredient swaps to help drive the gross profit of your dishes.

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Managing your costs

Team & kitchen efficiencies

Creating a flexible menu

Simple ingredient swaps that drive cost savings

We’ve put together some tips and tricks for ingredient swaps to not only help you save money but also so you have solutions if you can’t get all the ingredients you need for your menu.

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Increase the profitability of your menu

Discover our top tips for increasing the profitability of dishes on your menu without harming the quality of your offer.

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Simple Solutions

Looking for easy meal plans? We’ve pulled together solutions that are sure to be customer favourites that are easy to put together for your teams.

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Bidfood Direct tools

Bidfood Direct gives you unmatched spend control with the new MyRecipes and Menu Planning tools which allow you to create recipes and menus based on your agreed product range and pricing.

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Tips for reducing waste

Reducing waste has become an essential strategy for saving costs and reducing your environmental impact. See our tips for more ideas on best practice.

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Quick fixes - Easy to build recipes

We’ve got plenty of ideas for simple and quick to put together recipes as well as plenty of resources to support you if you face supply challenges.

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Streamline your menu

It is more important than ever to find ways to create more profitable menus which hit the mark with customers.

Find out what our chef team recommend you do to ensure a profitable and successful menu.

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Day part solutions

Advice on reviewing your menu day parts for when balancing resource and customer expectations.

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calorie labelling

Calorie labelling legislation

Get familiar with the new calorie labelling legislation coming into effect on the 6th April 2022. We’ve put together some useful information, support tools and advice.

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Plastic packaging tax

Check what the new plastic packaging tax levy means for your business and whether you are eligible to register.

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Simple Solutions for simplified menus

Looking to simplify things on your menu? We’ve pulled together solutions that are sure to be customer favourites and are easy to put together for your teams.

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On the spot swaps

With the current supply challenges it can be difficult to guarantee your customers’ favourite dishes. Not to fret, we’re here to help you create a flexible and adaptable menu.

Click below to see our chef recommended smart food swaps and customisable menus.

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Your guide to outdoor dining

With outdoor dining becoming such a big opportunity throughout the pandemic, how can you capitalise on the opportunity now and in the long term?

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Fast. Flexible. Flavour.

The support from our recipe videos and brochures all aim to assist you in streamlining your menu so that you can meet your customer needs. This allows you to optimise your store cupboard space, use fewer ingredients, and use products in more dishes.

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5 tips to Unlock Your Menu

Find out our top tips for unlocking the full potential of your menu from our blog.

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Create the perfect takeaway

Ideas and solutions to help you create the perfect takeaway.

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vegan wholesale food supplier

Cater to vegan diets with confidence

The V Kitchen is a collection of our vegan and plant based products that are full of flavour, our resources can help you deliver vegan-friendly menu options to your customers.

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