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Time-saving, simple serve ideas for chefs

Foodservice businesses and chefs in all sectors of our industry are facing tough challenges today when it comes to time and skill in kitchens.

As your wholesale supplier we’re able to support you by providing a range of products that help not only with saving time in the kitchen but also allows you to operate with a reduced skill in your kitchen with keeping up the quality your customers expect. We’ve pulled together a range of support including a product guide for each meal occasion and simple recipes to help give you a little inspiration in reducing complexity and prep time in your kitchen.

Our Menu Solutions digital guide

Our chefs Craig and Martin have pulled together a range of key simple serve and time-saving products that can help you reduce time, complexity and cooking in your kitchens.

Not only will you find lots of products with all the information you need to order them (and the ability to add them directly to your Bidfood Direct basket), but also lots more ideas on easy constructions and no-cook/low-cook recipes.

Download the guide here

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5 reasons to purchase ready-made meal solutions

Take a look at our blog for 5 benefits that come from incorporating ready-made solutions into your kitchen.

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2 ways to shop smart

Safari Rewards

We value our loyal customers and that’s exactly what Safari Rewards is all about.

Not available to all customers, please visit the Safari website for full Ts & Cs.

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Bidfood Direct

Our award-winning ecommerce platform that allows you to place orders, manage recipes and build menus, track deliveries and access invoices and credits.

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Inspiration and ideas to help you adapt

Inspiration and ideas to help you adapt

With so many challenges facing our industry, we've put together some advice and guidance to help you with creating more flexible and profitable menus.

Turning to takeaway

Turning to takeaway

If you've got a takeaway or food-to-go offering head over to our Catering Supplies page to discover our range of disposables along with a full range of hygiene and products to help keep your kitchen up to code.

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Become a Bidfood customer

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