Cheese, milk, butter, yoghurt and eggs. Our dairy range has everything you need and also includes dairy alternatives to cater to the ever growing vegan market.

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oliver kay logo

Oliver Kay - dairy, fresh fruit and vegetables

Oliver Kay has been supplying fresh fruit and vegetables and dairy ingredients for more than 30 years to professional kitchens.

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everyday favourites bidfood

Everyday Favourites

Everyday Favourites is your go-to brand for quality, consistency and performance across a vast range of everyday kitchen solutions, and all at great value.

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coronet condiment sachet wholesale supplier


From sauce sachets and milk jiggers to afterdinner mints, biscuits and cheese. Coronet helps you excel at those all-important finishing touches.

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Kalos - Greek cusine

Kalos is dedicated to offering products encompassing the fresh flavours of Greek Cuisine.

Gustoso - Italian cuisine

Focussed on the essential ingredients of Italian cuisine, Gustoso is dedicated to delivering the authentic tastes of Italy to your kitchen.

Ideas and inspiration

Food and Drink Trends 2024

Food and Drink Trends 2024

We’ve scoured the market to find the hottest 2024 food and drink trends that are shaping the eating out market.

Chefs Corner

Chefs Corner

Chefs Corner is where our Development Chefs cook up a storm in the kitchen and give you the recipes to do the same.

Over 900 recipes

Over 900 recipes

Check out even more recipes on our recipe page.

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