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Vegetarian Foods

  • Understanding the term vegetarian

    "A vegetarian is usually described as someone who does not eat meat, poultry, fish, shellfish or any by-products of slaughter. However there is no single, accepted definition of 'vegetarian'."¹
  • National vegetarian week

    National vegetarian week runs from 16th - 22nd May and is an annual event to educate people about the benefits of a meat-free diet. We'll be sure to help you get involved as we get closer to May. Watch this space….
  • Feta and pickled melon salad with a honey chilli and sesame dressing.

    A refreshing salad combining feta and fresh, tangy pickled watermelon with fresh radish, honey chilli dressing and sesame seeds.
  • Spicy Peppadew bite starters and caprese salad

    A warming, light dish that is the perfect starter or side dish to include on your menu.
  • Vegetarian porchini pasta

    The perfect, time-saving, simple serve solution for chefs. This recipe is not only delicious but is ready in less than 10 minutes.

Vegan foods

  • Understanding the term veganism

    "Veganism In dietary terms denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals. Vegans avoid exploiting animals for any purpose".²
  • World vegan month

    Celebrate World Vegan Month every November! This month is a time dedicated to celebrating the vegan movement around the world and it's evolution over the years. Get involved and add some extra vegan menu options to your menus this November or start planning for Veganuary.
  • V Kitchen

    Unearth your vegan menu. At V Kitchen, our purpose is to make vegan menu solutions accessible for all, through our growing range of delicious, on-trend and quality vegan food.
  • THIS™ isn’t bacon pancakes

    Breakfast and brunch are becoming popular mealtime occasions and this delicious pancake recipe is the perfect meat free inclusion to offer your customers!
  • THIS™ Isn’t Chicken Thai green curry

    The perfect vegan winter option to include on your menu! Full of flavour and warmth, following World Food flavours and fusions.
  • Vegan blueberry croissant with a lemon cream cheese filling

    Join the croissant craze, more and more ways to enjoy these delicious pastries and bakery favourites! This deliciously sweet and vegan croissant is the perfect indulgent treat to include on your menu.

Plant based foods

  • Understanding the term plant-based diet

    Plant-based diets are dietary patterns comprised mostly or entirely of foods derived from plant sources such as fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Therefore, animal products may not be completely excluded, however there will be a greater emphasis on foods from plants. A key difference between vegan and plant-based diets is that veganism includes avoiding animal products of all kinds, including clothing, whilst plant-based usually just refers to diet.
  • Coconut, mango & fresh fruit smoothie bowl

    Yoghurt provides beneficial bacteria which have been shown to reduce anxiety and support healthy mood
  • Carrot top pesto

    Carrot top pesto blended with pumpkin seeds – perfect for a pasta dish or as a topping for a fresh salad.
What's happening in the meat free market?

What's happening in the meat free market?

We’ve pulled together some useful insights to help you keep up to date with the meat free market and trends.

Keeping it cost effective

Keeping it cost effective

Discover some of our simplest cost effective solutions, to help you save money and valuable time within the kitchen and on your menu.

Our planet your choice

Our planet your choice

We want to help customers to reduce, reuse, recycle and renew. We offer packaging that is recyclable and compostable and drive the use of recycled materials.

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Whats happening in the market?

64% of Brits think it’s worth paying more for products of a higher quality.
59% of people feel vegetarian options in restaurants are limited.
46% of UK consumers aged 16-75 are considering reducing their intake of animal products in the future.
52% of red meat/poultry eaters say they would buy meat substitutes that were cheaper than meat.

1 The British Nutrition Foundation

2 The Vegan Society

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