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November - world vegan month

Introducing V Kitchen. A wonderful collection of vegan and plant based products that are full of flavour to help you deliver vegan-friendly menu options to your customers.

Whether people are taking on a full vegan diet or simply actively trying to make an effort to eat more sustainably with a reduced meat intake, the interest in vegan options in foodservice is undoubtedly increasing. And we at Bidfood want to help our customers meet that consumer need.

So, if you are looking for the right ingredients to make delicious scratch-cook recipes or something ready-to-cook to help you save time, we’ve got the range for you.

The range


Essential ingredients for a well-stocked vegan kitchen, some of the main ingredients include Dairy alternatives, pastries to pizza and dips to condiments.

Protein alternatives

Tasty and alternative meat free selection, supporting people and the plant. We also have some great recipe videos, showing you how to cook with these products – see below.


Delicious vegan meals that save you time! Our hearty ready-to-cook range provides simple solutions that cater for vegan and plant based menu options.


Like most baked products, our vegan and plant-based range also has the heart warming, mouth-watering aromas! From pasties to pancakes and cookies to cakes, be sure to not miss out on this offering.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delicious vegan and plant based desserts. Vegans and non-vegans can’t help but fall in love with these tasty delights.

Impulse & snacking

Perfect, on-the-go, fill a hole vegan and plant based snacks. We have a mix from sweet and savoury goodies that are sure to fill that in a hurry hunger.

Why add vegan to your menu?

Find out the latest insights to support your choice to ensure vegan options are available to your customers.

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If you are looking for scratch-cook vegan recipe inspiration click here to view our newest recipes. More coming soon!

View our latest vegan recipes here

The complete guide

Download our complete digital guide to the V Kitchen range.

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