Bidfood’s back to school checklist

Making sure your children and staff are safe when they return to school is extremely important and we appreciate the changes you are having to make to do this are very challenging. To help you we’ve added our own guidance to the school food plan alliances checklist to support you plan your food offer and also help you to create and maintain a safe environment to feed your staff and children.

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Working with Bidfood

We believe good learning starts with good food. Hear Amy Roberts from Holroyd Howe talk about how we support her business with allergen management, sustainability and concept development through our close working relationship.

Helping you feed the nation’s children

Feeding the nation’s children has never been an easy task and in times like this it’s proving even more difficult. We want to let you know we’re here to support you. As long as your school is open we’re still delivering. We have everything to help you from breakfast to packed lunches.

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What matters to you

Consolidated deliveries

We know you need simplicity and reliability when it comes to deliveries. We offer a fully consolidated delivery solution with ambient, chilled and frozen all arriving on the same lorry saving you precious labour, time and costs.

The right range for you

We have a large range of school compliant products suitable for your school menus including both food and drinks. We can also help you attain Food for Life status.

Dedicated sector support

We’re here to make your life easier and we have a wide range of support available to help you develop your menus including ideas for lower sugar desserts, street food and vegan dishes.

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Proud to partner with LACA

We are proud to support LACA, the school food people in their mission to achieve excellence in school food.

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Our wider support

Support VegPower and encourage your pupils to eat more vegetables

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Helping you grow



Hear about the progress we’re making in sustainability to benefit your business

Inspiration and innovation

Inspiration and innovation

We aim to inspire by turning consumer trends into innovative, great tasting product ranges and support

The people to support you

The people to support you

We have a dedicated sector support team to work alongside your business

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