Healthier and more sustainable eating for university students

What if the most delicious foods could be healthy AND environmentally sustainable? For us this is not a question, it can be a reality.  

To help you achieve your health and sustainability goals, we’ve put together this hub of resources and support to help you easily implement health and sustainability principles into your operations to help you improve the future of university food offering, today.  

Let’s change the future of university menus one meal at a time. 

Menus of the Future

Foods and ingredients

Menus and operations

Creating Menus of the Future: street food edition

In this episode, Chef Stuart and Craig are whipping up healthy and sustainable dishes to rival the high street!

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Bidfood ESG

Bidfood's ESG

Our vision is to be the best foodservice provider and a positive force for change because we care about our people, planet, customers, community, and principles. Click below to find out what we’re doing.

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7 tips to improve the sustainability of university menus

Top tips from our Sustainability Project Manager, Shelley Morris on how to easily bring sustainability into your university food offering.

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8 easy ways to make your university menus healthier

Top tips from our Nutrition & Allergen Manager Samantha on how to implement health and wellbeing into your food offering.

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healthy sustainable food podcast

Talking healthy and sustainable eating in universities podcast

Join us in this podcast where we discuss healthy and sustainable menu principles as well as the importance of flavour, world cuisines, student trends, and how this is leading the future of university dining.

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Reduce your food waste

There is more focus on reducing food waste now than ever before, and with so much focus on costs and on having the right products for your menu, it’s absolutely vital that you do all you can to reduce wastage. Check out our food waste matrix created by Chef Paul, for you.

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Switch up your meat choice

Red meat isn’t the only option, and quality fresh meat such as chicken and turkey have the power to create true menu standout. Farmstead offers you the expertise and quality of a local butcher, as well as the range, support and consolidated delivery of a national foodservice network.​

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It's all about nutrition

Get full transparency with Bidfood Direct, our one-stop online shop with the MyRecipes and Menu Planning tool. Create recipes and menus that display nutritional data and traffic lights.

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√Self: student wellbeing

There’s no arguing that the foods we put into our body affect our mood as well as physical and mental wellbeing. Check out our √Self guide filled insights, tips, and recipes on how to boost your students’ health & wellbeing.

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Sustainable packaging

We know how important sustainable packaging is to your university, so we have put together a sustainable food-to-go guide to help you pick the packaging that is right for you.

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Vegetarian recipes

Our development chefs have been busy pulling together lots of delicious vegetarian recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If you’re looking to add more veggie meals to your menu, discover our flavourful and meat-free recipes here. 

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Saving energy in the kitchen

With energy bills soaring there’s no better time to reduce energy consumption in the kitchen. Click below to find out more on how to run your kitchen more efficiently.

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Conscious choices

Discover how mindful consumers are making conscious choices about what they’re putting in their bodies. Remember – it’s calorie quality over quantity!

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