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Our meal solutions are here to help you save time and improve efficiencies in your kitchen as well as guarantee consistency and quality time after time.

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Brand solutions

everyday favourites

Everyday Favourites

Everyday Favourites is your go-to brand for quality, consistency and performance across a vast range of everyday kitchen solutions, and all at great value.

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simply a la carte ready meals wholesale supplier

Simply A La Carte - prepared meals

Simply A La Carte offer a range of home-cooked style meals formulated to provide a delicious and beautifully presented dish that is easy to serve every time.

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world foods wholesale supplier

Simply World Foods

Simply World Foods create ready to heat and serve meals from around the world, including Thailand, India and South America.

pureed food supplier

Simply Puree

Simply Puree can provide you with dedicated range of texture modified dishes, individually created for people with dysphagia.

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Cook Asia

Presenting Gyoza Yatai! Inspired by night street food stands from cities in japan. Serve your Gyoza’s in style.

crfty pizza co pizza food supplier

Crafty Pizza Co.

The Crafty Pizza Co. is a complete concept to create the perfect pizza offering. Created by chefs, the mission was to create a set of 6 delicious yet different pizzas. The pizzas can be hand stretch or rolled out giving them a more authentic feel and are completely adaptable in shape or size. The concept contains everything from recipes, kitchen equipment and supplies to POS.

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pizza wholesale suppler

Chicago Town Pizza

Filled to the max with the good stuff, our Chicago Town range is perfect for on-the-go snacking, takeaway, and dine-in moments. Our Chicago Town stuffed crust range can be hot held for up to 3 hours using our self serve packaging, serve by the quarter slice, or a whole pizza for sharing occasions. Let us support you with branded point of sale too, get in touch to see how we can help.

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Quorn Pro

QuornPro underpins the brand’s overarching mission to tackle climate change by becoming the leader in protein through a variety of meat-free products that are better for you and the environment.

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Ideas and inspiration

Over 900+ recipes

Over 900+ recipes

Be inspired with our recipes that elevate the wonderful fresh fish texture.

Bidfood Direct - our online shop

Bidfood Direct - our online shop

Find out more about our online shop and how it can support you and your business when it comes to Natasha’s Law and the Calorie Labelling England Laws.

Food and drink trends

Food and drink trends

We’re excited to share our Bidfood 2024 Food and Drink Trends!

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