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Take a look at our new back to business hotels guide. To help you deal with the challenges ahead we focus on 10 important steps to consider including hygiene, social distancing and marketing, all with practical ideas.

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What matters to you

Making your menu mobile

If you’re keeping your kitchen busy by serving the local community, or offering deliver-room dining to guests, you’ll find our delivery packaging range is suitable for all types of meal occasion.

And if you’re looking for something special, our helping you with sustainability guide will help you de-mystify the myths behind the materials.

Need help in the kitchen?

Social events and celebrations are not the only things needing to be done differently.  If you’re short of staff right now, our prepared meals and buffet range spans breakfast through to dessert and afternoon tea.  It includes meat and gluten free options too.


With so much change in the world right now, we know that looking after your staff is of the utmost importance.  

Our square root of self guide, originally prepared for the education sector, contains sound advice to help you look after the nutritional, emotional and mental wellbeing of your team.

Consolidated deliveries

Whatever’s cooking in your kitchen we can supply you with the full catering solution; food, beverages, equipment, disposables, cleaning and hygiene. We offer a fully consolidated delivery solution with ambient, chilled and frozen all arriving on the same lorry saving you precious labour, time and costs.

An innovative and extensive range

We know how important it is for your menus to stand out whilst being operationally and cost efficient. Our range of over 13,000 products includes an array of branded and own brand products, different price point options and the latest market leading innovation.

Dedicated sector expertise

We have a broad range of marketing support and menu development inspiration for hotels, including 2020 trendsrecipes and brochures, drinks pairing by Unity Wines and Spirits, podcasts and more.

We also publish daily inspiration on our social media channels.  We hope to see you there!

Our wider support

Helping you grow



Hear about the progress we’re making in sustainability to benefit your business

Inspiration and innovation

Inspiration and innovation

We aim to inspire by turning consumer trends and market insights into innovative, great tasting product ranges and support

The people to support you

The people to support you

We have a dedicated sector support team to work alongside your business

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