For all your hotel needs from breakfast to dinner, weddings and conferences, we have a vast range to suit.

Having worked closely with the hospitality industry over the years, we understand that catering in a hotel has its challenges; ranging from day part offers to providing inspiration to your chefs. So in order to minimalise your catering complexities, we at Bidfood will provide you with the necessary information to make your decision making process much simpler.

We want to work in partnership with you to develop your solutions within all parts of your business to meet the customer’s needs whether that’s in providing insights and trends, working with you to build the right offering or even simply helping with industry challenges such as managing allergens.

Channel insights

As we all know, consumers are the driving force behind emerging trends.  This could be flavour trends with more consumers wanting to indulge in foods they’ve experienced overseas.  Or even the demand for better packaging solutions for those time poor consumers who still want a decent meal on the move.

Whatever the trend may be, we’re here to help, especially within a hotel that caters to a wide number of day parts and services such as weddings, conferences and room service.

Trends to consider



Consumers, for the most part, know what they like so give them the option to personalise their dish by giving them choices and adaptations. This flexibility gives the consumer the power and you a happy customer.

Mintel Make it Mine – 2018


Street food

Street food is a hot topic with crowds flocking to these exciting events to taste all the new flavour combinations. Staying close to these trends allows you to get involved and create your own versions.

MCA Street Food Market – June 2018


On the go

Time poor consumers are always on the lookout for grab and go offers. However, the quality of takeaway options are on the rise so be sure to deliver excellent quality food. Takeaway is just an extension of your great offering.

Mintel Foodservice Trends – 2018

Our support tools

Hotels brochure

This guide is a top line review of all the areas where we can help you from both a food and catering supplies perspective. This includes menu idea inspiration, product suggestions and even staff feeding menu examples as back of house is just as important.


The demand for take away food from our favourite restaurants is increasing and inevitably fuelling a delivery boom that has ballooned to £6.1bn from £5.5bn in 2015. As a restaurant wanting to tap into this market, it’s important to be informed when deciding on food packaging.  Customers are looking for food freshness, quality and consistency so the packaging designs need to be fit for purpose and whilst hotels are not your most common take out outlet, the opportunity is there.

Chef top tips

We are bringing a range of ideas, tips, added value information and repurposing recipes to help you build margins, reduce costs and create value in numerous ways.

The tips are split into 4 areas:


Buffet guide

Buffets are excellent for hospitality events and you have the option to offer both a value and premium spread. For more information on buffet products click here.

What’s more, we have a range of brochures to help inspire your chefs…


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