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With the skies clearing, 2022 offers a chance to get back to enjoying quality time with friends and family on holiday. With English Staycations growing in popularity – we have a variety of support tools available to ensure you are adapting, innovating and thriving. From new menu ideas to operational support, we’re here to ensure you are thriving in 2022.

Unlock Your Menu

With so many challenges facing our industry, we wanted to put together some advice and guidance to help you with creating more flexible and profitable menus. Here you can discover many different resources, such as our money saving tips guide which provides ingredient swaps to help drive the gross profit of your dishes.

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Working with Bidfood

Hear Darren Brown from Retail & Food Services talk about the operational challenges of his business and how the Bidfood supply chain provides the flexibility and adaptability he requires. We’re really proud of the long standing relationship we have in place with Darren and the team.

Why choose Bidfood

What matters to you

Consolidated deliveries

Your food requirements can be diverse. We offer a simple, fully consolidated delivery solution with ambient, chilled and frozen products all arriving on the same lorry saving you precious labour, time and costs.

Innovate your menu

Our chef development team have the experience to help you create a strong, successful and innovative menu. Whether you’re looking for a bold pizza concept or the perfect coffee shop menu, we have you covered!

An innovative and extensive range

We know it’s important for your menus to stand out whilst being operationally and cost efficient. Our range of over 13,000 products has been created to suit you and includes an array of brand and own brand products, different price point options and the latest market leading innovation.

Dedicated sector expertise

We’re here to make your life easier. We purchase and translate the latest market reports to help you to identify where the opportunities within the travel market lie and what the next big trend could be!

Our wider support

Helping you grow



Hear about the progress we’re making in sustainability to benefit your business

Inspiration and innovation

Inspiration and innovation

We aim to inspire by turning consumer trends into innovative, great tasting product ranges and support

Food and Drink Trends 2024

Food and Drink Trends 2024

Discover our food and drink trends in 2024.

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