Fast. Flexible. Flavour.

Fast Flexible Flavour provides you with flexible products that over-deliver on flavour and have multiple uses. Our products used incorporate current trends into your offer which customers are looking for and will support you with freshening up your menus. All products included in the brochure are highly versatile and can help you with saving space because you will need fewer products as a result.

With the help of our videos and our guide, we aim to help you with streamlining your menus which in return will help with managing costs. Our intention is to make this process not only easier but so you can maximise the flavour of the dishes you serve.

Look out for phase two of our Fast Flexible Flavour guide which is to follow!

Let our Food Innovation Chef, Martin Eshelby, give you a little more detail on Fast Flexible Flavour!

3 ways to add fast flexible flavour with:

Chimichurri paste

As people travel more across the Americas, they are expanding the flavours they try. As a result, Latin flavours like chimichurri are starting to thrive back in the UK and are being adapted onto menus. The unique flavours from the mixing of parsley, garlic, olive oil, oregano and vinegar give a unique twist to recipes with the strong flavour it has when combined. Chimichurri mixed in with pulled brisket and cheese is a great way to add a South American twist to a simple sandwich. Not only that but you can also use Chimichurri paste to mix with beef for a burger, and as a marinade for lamb.

Korean BBQ sauce

Korean BBQ sauce is a great way to add a fusion of trends to your menu. The sauce brings out the sweet American BBQ flavours alongside the savoury and spicy Korean flavours to create a perfect combination. It’s highly versatile and it works really well when mixing into a pizza base,  when it’s marinated into chicken for a salad and it especially works well when mixed in with pulled pork for bao buns – perfect as a takeaway option. This sauce is great for when you are looking to add Asian flavours simply to your menu!

Smokehouse oil

Using smokehouse oil is a simple but effective way of adding American smoky flavours to your dishes. The smoking cooking technique is making a come-back as the bitterness and umami flavours it brings out are proving popular again. You can add the oil to a huge variety of dishes to boost its flavour; you can add a smoky twist to a typical pasta dish by mixing it into the sauce, you can marinade brisket with it for burgers, and you can even mix it into a hummus for a really flavoursome vegetarian option on your menu.

For more tips on using different flavours, see our Joe Blogs!


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