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Pad Thai sauce

Asian flavours are hugely popular nowadays. Pad Thai is the 4th most popular Asian dish, with 21% of people choosing it as their favourite (Future of Oriental Food Report, 2018). Although it is typically used as a sauce for chicken, you can actually use it in many more ways. The sweet, salty and tangy flavour it has works perfectly as a marinade for chicken, pairs perfectly with salmon for a salad, and adds a unique twist when mixed with baked beans and scrambled egg for a different breakfast option.

Keralan paste

Authentic regional recipes are increasingly becoming more popular. With an increase in people looking for healthier lifestyles, Modern Indian street food is appealing because the recipes heavily use vegetables, pulses, yogurt, turmeric and ginger, giving it the perception of being a healthier alternative. Keralan paste in particular has proven a popular flavour of the trend, particularly as it is vegan friendly and a great way of adding unique Modern Indian flavours to dishes, easily. It can simply be adapted into a hummus for a Modern Indian baguette, it is great for a vegan marinade on cauliflower steaks, and you can even mix it with coconut risotto to make a vegan coconut arancini.

Fiery Umami salt flakes

The Japanese umami flavour has become really trendy over the last few years and is a big reason as to why Japanese food is one of the top 10 growing trends (MCA Top of Mind Report 2018). Sea salt combined with seaweed and chilli flakes are a great way of adding a spicy kick to many dishes. The mineral goodness of seaweed and the antioxidants from chilli peppers is also a great way of adding nutritional benefits that appeal to customers.

Chimichurri paste

As people travel more across the Americas, they are expanding the flavours they try. As a result, Latin flavours like chimichurri are starting to thrive back in the UK and are being adapted onto menus. The unique flavours from the mixing of parsley, garlic, olive oil, oregano and vinegar give a unique twist to recipes with the strong flavour it has when combined. Chimichurri mixed in with pulled brisket and cheese is a great way to add a South American twist to a simple sandwich. Not only that but you can also use Chimichurri paste to mix with beef for a burger, and as a marinade for lamb.

Korean BBQ sauce

Korean BBQ sauce is a great way to add a fusion of trends to your menu. The sauce brings out the sweet American BBQ flavours alongside the savoury and spicy Korean flavours to create a perfect combination. It’s highly versatile and it works really well when mixing into a pizza base, when it’s marinated into chicken for a salad and it especially works well when mixed in with pulled pork for bao buns – perfect as a takeaway option. This sauce is great for when you are looking to add Asian flavours simply to your menu!

Smokehouse oil

Using smokehouse oil is a simple but effective way of adding American smoky flavours to your dishes. The smoking cooking technique is making a come-back as the bitterness and umami flavours it brings out are proving popular again. You can add the oil to a huge variety of dishes to boost its flavour; you can add a smoky twist to a typical pasta dish by mixing it into the sauce, you can marinade brisket with it for burgers, and you can even mix it into a hummus for a really flavoursome vegetarian option on your menu.

Winter spice syrup

The first thing that comes to mind for most when talking about winter spiced syrup is the coffee specials that millennials are known to love from well-known coffee shops. However, you most definitely shouldn’t limit yourself to using syrup in just coffee. You can use a winter spiced syrup in hot chocolates, and you can use it to add a winter feel to cocktails such as a peach Bellini. Syrup isn’t just used in drinks; chefs are starting to use syrups to add seasonality to dishes that are already on menus, such as a brioche pudding. Simply pouring the syrup in when whisking the egg mix means that the syrup brings out cinnamon and cloves flavours plus a warm and cosy feel to the classic dish in a simple but effective way.

Honey & mustard sauce

Honey & mustard dressing is a basic product that most kitchens will have and is a great way to tailor dishes to the Americas Discovered trend. Although it is mostly used in salad, you can actually use it in lots of different ways. It is great to use as a glaze over chicken wings and you can even mix it with mayonnaise to create a creamy dip for chips and wedges. Another great way to use it is by revamping the classic jacket potato lunchtime option by mixing it with cheese, chives and bacon to add a creamy, sweet and tangy twist to the dish.

Teriyaki sauce

Japanese flavours are very popular at the moment, in fact, Japanese food is growing twice the rate of the branded restaurant and contemporary fast-food segment (Food Spark, 2017). Teriyaki sauce is one of the most popular Japanese flavours coming through onto menus, due to it being flavoursome and versatile. You can use it to mix with noodles, sesame oil and chopped herbs for a noodle dressing. You can marinade it onto salmon as part of your salad offer. You can also glaze it onto hotdogs to add a fusion to the classic American hot dog with a sweet Asian twist coming from the teriyaki sauce.

Mughlai butter paste

One of the hottest emerging trends in the UK at the moment is modern, contemporary Indian flavours. In fact, MCA research indicates contemporary Indian cuisine as one of the top 5 expected fastest growing cuisines in the eating out sector in the next 3-5 years (MCA Industry Research, Q1 2018). The authentic, fresh, bold and colourful flavours provide great opportunities for you to add a trendy twist to your menu. One of those ways is through Mughlai butter paste. A couple of ways you can use the paste are: to use as a condiment for steak, to marinade it on lamb before roasting, or you can mix it with lamb mince to make our dirty burger recipe. The recipe is a great way to add an indulgence option to your menu by spreading mango chutney on the bun, adding the Mughlai butter burgers, then topping it with crushed onion bhaji, mixed leaves and a yogurt dressing.

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