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Paul Tunnicliffe

Culinary Development Chef


As a Culinary Development Chef at Bidfood I work closely with our many different customers, and am able to understand their challenges and offer them solutions chef to chef. We also help identify the latest trends and the best way to get them onto our customers’ menus according to their kitchen’s needs. These three recipes are a great option over summer as they are simple, quick, versatile recipes, all packed with flavour. I’ve used ingredients like the Asian slaw mix and pickled onions across the different recipes, showing how you can get creative with your products and maximize your menu with fewer ingredients

Pork and chorizo burger with Stilton and bacon

Serves: 1. Prep: 15 mins. Cook: 8 mins.

Paul says: There’s a lot of flavours here but it all works together wonderfully. The zingy slaw cuts through the saltiness of the bacon and Stilton, and the sweetness of the fig rounds it off nicely. The smoked paprika is an easy way to elevate your everyday fries. You can add different herbs and spices when they are hot out the fryer – chilli flakes or dried tarragon would also be delicious.

View the recipe here

Sticky Asian vegan lamb noodles

Serves: 1. Prep: 10 mins. Cook: 5 mins.

Paul says: This mock lamb is an incredible product with a lovely texture that absorbs all of the delicious sweet and spicy flavours. The edamame beans brings a smokiness to the dish and the veg mix keeps it fresh. Add as much chilli as you like, and you can use up any leftover veg in the spicy batter on the side.

View the recipe here

Not-so-dirty loaded vegan chicken fries

Serves: 1. Prep: 15 mins. Cook: 5 mins.

Paul says: Here is a delicious recipe for vegan ‘dirty fries’ that is still indulgent and full of great ingredients. The avo and slaw bring freshness and the seeds are lovely and nutty. Pickling the onions is a great trick, giving amazing colour, texture and zing – try pickling radishes, cucumber and anything else you have going spare to extend the life of seasonal produce and also reduce waste.

View the recipe here

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John Quinn

Martin Eshelby

Damon Corey

Food Development Chef

I have been part of the Bidfood team for 6 years now. I cover the north of England all the way to the northern-most tip of Scotland, and I really enjoy being in these different parts of the country. It opens my eyes to how food trends change with each region I visit; what I present in Aberdeen won’t necessarily work in Newcastle, so it’s important that our range of products reflects this.

My role as a development chef is to bring our products to life, to show innovation and new concepts that will help our customers and enhance our relationship. Being creative with food is my favourite part of the job – there is no better feeling than seeing our customers getting excited about what I have presented to them.

Smoked haddock velouté with creamy leeks, onions and potatoes

Serves: 6. Prep: 01:30 hrs. Cook: 30 mins.

John says: “This smooth silky soup is one of my favourites, it offers a sense of comfort when it’s still a bit nippy outside. Serve with slices of thickly buttered crusty bread, and you can even top with a poached egg. This dish brings a warming satisfaction that can’t be rivalled by any other soup!

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Salsa verde lamb cutlets with parmesan gnocchi

Serves: 4. Prep: 25 mins. Cook: 15 mins.

John says: Food doesn’t have to be time-consuming and overly-technical, and this dish is testimony to that. It is unashamedly simple but absolutely delicious, made with great ingredients that sing on their own and don’t need complicated garnishes or cooking techniques.

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Glazed lemon tart with rhubarb and vanilla crème fraîche

Serves: 4. Prep: 25 mins. Cook: 15 mins.

John says: To me, spring is a time of awakening, when the forests are showing signs of new life and the beginning of a new season is upon us. Rhubarb is one of the first fruits available in spring time and it reminds me of my childhood, dipping the tart stalks into a bag of sugar and then crunching into it whilst the sourness draws your cheeks together and causes you to screw your eyes up! This dessert is fresh tasting and the basil offers aniseed notes. The crème fraiche cuts through the sweetness whilst complimenting the citrus and tartness of the dessert.

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Food Innovation Manager

Hi I’m Martin, Food Innovation Manager here at Bidfood. For ‘Veganuary’ I’ve created three recipes to give your vegan menu a twist. As many of us know, Veganuary is an annual challenge which runs throughout the month of January. Despite the UK vegan population being estimated at 1.16% of the population, participation in the Veganuary campaign increased by 25% in 2021 vs. 2020, with 500,000 participants signing up for the campaign.

Brunch potato waffles with vegan popcorn chicken

Serves: 1. Prep: 30 mins. Cook: 15 mins.

Martin says: “This Mock Popcorn style chicken is really versatile. I’ve pimped it up with a homemade potato waffle with charred corn which is made using your leftover mash, and drizzled with a sticky and spicy maple syrup dressing. Ideal for a brunch offering! Try adding a side of this popcorn on your menu to go alongside your other vegan offerings as a way to upsell.


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Pulled vegan chicken tostada with feta, orange and coriander

Serves: 1. Prep: 10 mins. Cook: 20 mins.

Martin says: Who doesn’t like a tostada? Crispy but light, this vegan twist on a Mexican dish is topped with a smoky chipotle and pulled Quorn vegan fillet, crumbled vegan style feta, zesty orange chunks and fresh coriander. You could use the pulled Quorn in salads or a wrap filling for a twist.

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Vegan chicken and bacon style Caesar burger

Serves: 1. Prep: 15 mins. Cook: 10 mins.

Martin says: If you enjoy a regular chicken burger, then you should definitely try this! Fried Mock chicken burger with crispy vegan ‘bacon’ all served in a vegan brioche style bun with a Caesar style slaw, fresh tomato and little gem. The perfect new year pick-me-up fast food treat. If you want a lighter option, you can use the salad and chicken in a salad bowl concept.

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Culinary Development Chef

After spending almost 30 years in kitchens, I joined Bidfood as a development chef for the hotels and restaurants sector in 2017. My role varies from creating development days for our hotels and restaurant customers, working with the marketing and media team on projects and social media campaigns and a whole host of everything else that is food-related. It is a fun, exciting and challenging job, and one that requires you to be very creative – which I love! The food industry is moving so fast, so staying on top of trends and being a good source of knowledge for our customers and sales team is essential.

Winter sharing board with baked cheese, mulled wine and festive favourites

Serves: 2. Prep: 5 mins. Cook: 20 mins.

Damon says: “Share boards are back on the menu as a popular way to eat, drink and be merry! It’s the perfect opportunity to boost your wet sales this winter. This selection of festive favourites are easy to prepare and look amazing when combined. Why not stud the cheese with garlic and herbs before baking, and add chunks of crispy pancetta when you add the honey. Use rosemary to garnish the board, and don’t forget the mulled wine!”

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Farmstead braised blade of beef in a red wine and chocolate sauce

Serves: 10. Prep: 25 mins. Cook: 2.5 hours.

Damon says: “I love braising cuts, and everything about this dish has a warming winter feel. By melting a small amount of chocolate into the beef sauce you get a lovely rich finish. You could fire it up with a small amount of chilli if you like, which would go well with the roasted squash risotto and gnocchi. You can also add a gremolata or pistou to the gnocchi to give a vibrant, tasty finish to the dish.”

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Christmas pudding baked Alaska with Yarde Farm ice cream

Serves: 10. Prep: 15 mins. Cook: 1 min.

Damon says: “Baked Alaska is a forgotten pudding but an absolutely delicious one! Normally served on a sponge base, I have used biscoff crumb instead as I prefer the textured crunch. This is a versatile pudding to use up ice cream in your freezer, which can easily travel through the seasons. Switch up for the summer with strawberry and clotted cream ice cream from Yarde Farm and a shortbread base. These can be made in advance and frozen, then glazed to order.”

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