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High quality natural dairy products - developed especially for professionals

Arla Pro has a clear vision – to be the professional chef’s choice for dairy. Founded in Scandinavia as a dairy cooperative over 130 years ago today, any of our farmer owners would tell you that working closely with professional chefs is in the DNA of Arla Pro. With roots tracing back to 1864, Arla is a farmer-owned cooperative home to some of the UK’s leading dairy brands. You will already know us for our famous brands such as Lurpak®, Cravendale®, Lactofree® and Castello®. This range of Arla products has been created to work brilliantly back-of-house, giving chefs the freedom to cook without worrying about quality or performance. All brought to you by our foodservice business Arla Pro.


We are farmer-owned, so in choosing to partner with Arla Pro, you are supporting a search for more sustainable methods of production at dairies and farms, and the reduction of food waste. Taking on these challenges is at the heart of what we do and what our farmers strive for. We are constantly searching to improve our sustainability credentials and work with all our partners toward creating a more sustainable future.

Our roadmap to Carbon Zero:

Your professional pizza partner

At Arla Pro we understand the impact your oven has on our cheese, so knowing your oven type means we can recommend the best cut for the best results. We’ve worked closely with our network of pizzaiolos to understand what’s important when choosing mozzarella. All our mozzarella solutions have been tested by our chefs. The team bake thousands of pizzas, measuring and categorizing everything from taste and texture to meltability and delivery performance. This ensures that our products meet the demands of chefs but also to support our customers in choosing the right cheese.

War on waste

If food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases behind the US and China. Only by working together can we make a change for the better, for the sake of our planet but also for our bottom lines. Join Arla Pro, the Sustainable Restaurant Association and food waste champion Thomasina Miers in the war on food waste. We’re shining a spotlight on businesses already doing amazing things to reduce their food waste.

Arla Pro Slower Melt Soft Ice

Discover the new Arla Pro Slower Melt Soft Ice & Shake Mix, perfect for both ice creams and milkshakes. Arla Pro Slower Melt Soft Ice Mix holds its shape for longer, giving stability to your toppings and retaining quality on delivery. The soft ice mix can also be used as a base for milkshakes and smoothies, expanding your menu offerings this summer.

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