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Kon’nichiwa (Hello) and welcome to our World Foods Japanese page. When we think of Japanese food we often think of sushi and whilst these dishes are amazing and popular - Japanese cuisine expands far beyond them. Below we have included different ways for you to include inspiring Japanese recipes and products to your menu - without the need for a sushi masterclass!

Social media spurs growth of food fusions!*

Fusion is a food trend that is quite simply taking different world cuisines or cooking methods and combining them together! It’s discovering new, creative and unexplored dishes and flavours and Japanese food has plenty of scope to do this with. Why not attempt a katsu chicken burrito or a ravioli ramen bowl! Tour our World Foods range to see our unusual fusion recipes!

*Lumina Intelligence Menu and Food Trends Report, December 2022

3 in 4 UK adults said that world cuisine products make a midweek meal feel more like a treat*

When eating out, consumers want it to feel like a treat and something they wouldn’t necessarily get whilst eating at home. Including world food meals on your menu may seem like a hard task but we have included simple swaps and recipes to help make it easy to appeal to these consumers that want to be wowed!

*Mintel World Cuisines, UK, 2022

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Discover our wholesale Japanese inspired food range

We have gyozas (stuffed dumplings), chicken karaage and Japanese-inspired paste’s and sauces so whether you are cooking from scratch or wanting to include quick time saving menu solutions our Asian inspired product range has something for you! What will you cook?

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Learn some of our delicious Japanese recipes

Japanese spiced brisket toasted sandwich

Japanese spiced brisket toasted sandwich

Japanese spiced brisket toasted sandwich - Combining the popular Texas BBQ beef brisket with punchy Japanese flavours, all wrapped up in the well-loved toasted sandwich format.

Sticky Asian vegan lamb noodles

Sticky Asian vegan lamb noodles

Served with pickled onions and crispy battered vegetables.

Teriyaki tofu salad jars

Teriyaki tofu salad jars

Colourful vegan salad jars with mixed grains, fresh veg and delicious grilled teriyaki tofu.

Frequently asked questions

What is a traditional Japanese meal?

Whilst presented differently in the UK, the average homemade Japanese meal (or gohan) involves a single course with several dishes presented at once, while dessert serves as the second course. These dishes can be made up of rice, soup, noodles, vegetable or protein dishes.

What is Japan’s signature food?

Sushi is Japan’s signature food. The most common varieties of sushi are: Makizushi, which is sushi rice and fillings rolled up in nori seaweed. Nigiri sushi, which is bite-size mounds of sushi rice with single slices of raw fish on the top and finally Inarizushi, which is sushi rice stuffed inside pockets of inari, a type of seasoned, fried tofu.

What are 5 popular Japanese dishes?

Sushi – as mentioned above, Udon – which are thick chewy noodles, tofu, which although is deemed as a meat alternative in Western diets, is actually enjoyed as a part of most Japanese dishes. Tempura, is a light batter which is used to coat, meat or fish before fried creating a beautiful golden crunch to dishes and finally Yakitori which are small coated chicken skewers that are normally a side in Japan.

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