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Welcome to our Asia page, home to all our Asian cuisine inspiration. Here, you’ll find plenty of oriental-inspired foods, recipes and concepts to add to your menus. We have covered UK trending favourites such as Japanese and Thai and have also included growing influential cuisines such as Korean and Sri Lankan. Discover how to include these cuisines on your menu.
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    Japanese cuisine

    Japanese cuisine is heavily based around rice and soup-type dishes such as sushi, curry and ramen. There is also popularity with tempura which is lightly battered meats, seafood and vegetables – all of which can be incorporated on your menu in some way! Travel here to discover more about what makes Japanese food popular in the UK and how you can include these on your menu!

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    Thai cuisine

    Thai food often involves hot spices with sweet citrus flavours like lime and mango. It is a diverse cuisine that includes rice and noodle based dishes that can cater to all diets, with dishes that focus on tofu, vegetables, meat and seafood.

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    Korean cuisine

    In Korea, some of the key ingredients that are included within their cooking are; sesame oil, soy sauce, fermented vegetables and chilli paste. There are also a large number of side dishes that accompany steamed rice which is the norm within Korean dining. What will your side dishes be?

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    Sri Lankan cuisine

    Home to Sri Lanka’s unique combinations of herbs and spices which gives their cuisines a unique flavour profile! Sri Lankan cuisine is mainly based around rice, coconut and seafood as these ingredients are readily available on the island. The cuisine takes influence from South Indian, Indonesian and Dutch cuisines as well as other neighbouring Asian countries.


Korean fried cauliflower

Super simple, super tasty and a side dish that is ideal for every menu!


Fun fact – did you know that soy sauce is one of the world’s oldest condiments and is said to be over 3,000 years old!


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