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A cuisine that has grown in popularity over the last 5-10 years over here in the UK. Dishes like Korean fried chicken and their colourful customisable food bowls are becoming popular dishes as we see more Korean restaurants pop up London and some of the larger cities around the country! Below we have provided products and inspiring recipes to help you include these favourable flavours within your establishments.

41% of UK consumers would like to try Korean food when eating out*

Whilst Korean dishes and flavours are something that many want to try – accessing these dishes can be hard for them – that’s why we have made it simple and easy for you to include on your menu. How about adding a Korean BBQ sauce to your menu, it’s a quick, simple way to allow your customers to explore new Korean flavours and meet this demand.

*Bidfood & CGA by NielsenIQ Trends 2023 bespoke consumer survey, 2,000 UK consumers /*Mintel World Cuisines, UK, 2022

Korean cuisine is now considered as an established food trend in 2022*

Whilst Korean cuisine is considered an established trend, many consumers are still enjoying the food and flavours that this cuisine has to offer, showing no expiration date for this food trend! In-fact, over 14% of food operators now include Korean inspired meal choices on their menus! Will you join them? Explore our Asian food range below to see how easy it is!

*Lumina Intelligence Menu and Food Trends Report, December 2022

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Discover our wholesale Korean inspired food range

Our Asian product range includes key Korean cuisine flavours and products that are simply and easy for any meal occasion. Simply add a sauce, a side or a sharing platter or allow customers to build their own Korean-inspired bowls! Whether you are cooking from scratch or wanting to quick time savings solutions our range has something for you!

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Learn some of our delicious Korean recipes

Korean fried cauliflower

Korean fried cauliflower

Korean fried cauliflower – the perfect side dish or small plate to include on your menu.

Korean loaded Lamb Weston stealth fries

Korean loaded Lamb Weston stealth fries

Korean loaded lamb Weston stealth fries – Taking a British side and favourite and including Korean flavours is an ultimate fusion recipe you don’t want to miss!

Korean kimchi barbecue surf and turf burger

Korean kimchi barbecue surf and turf burger

A fully loaded burger with an oriental twist. How would you eat yours?

Frequently asked questions

What is typical Korean food?

Popular dishes within Korea are Bulgogi, Bibimbap and Hanjeongsik. Bulgogi is a marinated beef dish that is sweet and tender and marinated in a soy sauce. Bibimbap is dish that is made with rice with all kinds of vegetables and then topped with gochujang for that little extra kick and Hanjeongsik is served as a full table’s worth of side dishes, which can include meat and vegetables along with soup, steamed foods or hot pots.

Is Korean food healthy?

Depends what you are comparing it to, generally speaking it is made up of many vegetables, proteins and Korean cooking methods do not involve that much oil when cooking them.

What is Korea’s most popular foods?

Within South Korea, bibimbap is the most popular dish and literally means mixed rice and is topped with gochujang, soy sauce and a variety of sautéed and seasoned vegetables such as cucumber, bean sprouts, radish, spinach and mushroom.

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