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Traditional Thai cuisine can be split up loosely into four categories: tom (boiled dishes like a soup), yam (spicy salads), tam (pounded foods, so pounding the ingredients to coax the flavours and aromas without making a paste) and kaeng (curries) – our Thai-inspired page will help cater to each of these whether that’s through recipes or our delicious product range – take a look below!

42% of consumers already eat Thai food when dining out*

Even though Thai food might not necessarily be a new concept to some, it is a cuisine that many people already eat and enjoy as a part of their eating out habits. Including Thai-inspired favourite meals on your menu can be a great way to add global cuisines to your menu.

*Bidfood & CGA by Nielsen IQ Trends 2023 bespoke consumer survey, 2,000 UK consumers

The total proportion of dishes containing meat declined from 2019 to 2022*

Whilst Thai food can include meat, their most popular dish is Pad Thai, which is stir-fried noodles with a combination of classic ingredients such as – eggs, peanuts, bean sprouts. Often in traditional Thai restaurants they then give the option to add tofu, prawns or meat. This is a great way to add a touch of personalisation to the dish.

*Lumina Intelligence, December 2022

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Discover our wholesale Thai inspired food range

Whether you are after small dishes, building the fragrant spiced-infused curries or wanting popular herbs and seasonings to build a Thai-inspired salad, burger or Pad Thai our range will have something to offer you. Don’t forget we have a “Choose your protein” section to help you build the perfect menu choices for your dishes!

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Learn some of our delicious Thai recipes

This isn’t chicken Thai green curry

This isn’t chicken Thai green curry

Build this dish to be as spicy as you like – why not offer a meat protein option too!

Gai tod wings

Gai tod wings

These crispy Thai chicken wings are truly delicious. Packed full of flavour and texture, they make the perfect side dish or starter.

Thai green 5-a-day nourish bowl

Thai green 5-a-day nourish bowl

Ever find it a challenge to get your five-a-day into your diet? This delicious and colourful recipe ensures you’ve got all the portions you need in just one meal.

Frequently asked questions

What is typical Thai food?

Typical Thai food is built up of a variety of meat and fish dishes, plus vegetable dishes and a noodle dish. Many dishes are shared except for soup dishes which someone might eat separately.

Why is Thai food famous?

Thai food is enjoyed from all around the world and is very popular when it comes to their choices of dishes. Many find that their dishes are both delicious and healthy, this could be because they include an abundance of vegetables and herbs.

What are some popular Thai dishes?

According to online sources, the most popular Thai dishes include: Tom Yum Goong which is a spicy shrimp soup, Som Tum a spiced papaya green salad, Tom Kha Kai a chicken coconut soup, Gaeng Daeng which is a red spicy curry and Pad Thai which is fried noodles.

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