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Sri Lankan cuisine, is full of fragrant spices and intense selections of flavours and textures within their dishes. Curries made with coconut, fish or meat are popular within Sri Lankan cuisine, coming from the cuisines Indian influence. On this page you’ll discover our own selection of products and Sri Lankan inspired recipes to help spice up your menu!

45% of UK consumers are eager to try Sri Lankan cuisine when eating out!*

Sri Lankan cuisine is something that people want to try but it might not be easy to find whilst eating out. If creating a dish that is inspired by Sri Lanka, make sure you state that it is Sri Lankan-inspired on your menu. Maybe even create a special night menu inspired by the cuisine one night a week.

*Bidfood and CGA 2023 Trends consumer survey, sample size 2,003 (UK adults)

The term “pickled” is within top 10 menu descriptive words that have seen growth since 2017*

The majority of Sri Lankan curries or dishes tend to be accompanied by pickled fruit, vegetables or chutneys. Pickled accompaniments can break through spices and add that sharp burst of flavour to create the perfect balance for many centre plate dishes. Not only are they delicious, they can be quick and easy wins for menus!

*Lumina Intelligence December 2022

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Discover our wholesale Sri Lankan inspired food range

Within our Asia range we have included some popular herbs and spices, as well as some amazing ready-to-use sauces and your choice of proteins for a perfect for Sri Lankan -inspired menu! Whether you are cooking from scratch or wanting some quick time savings solutions our range has something for you! insert click through to Asia range of brochure.

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Learn some of our delicious Sri Lankan recipes

Sri Lankan fish cutlets

Sri Lankan fish cutlets

Spicy deep-fried fish croquettes, a delicious and traditional Sri Lankan street food.

Spicy tamarind pork curry

Spicy tamarind pork curry

A traditional Sri Lankan pork curry with punchy tamarind flavours and a kick of spice.

Grilled Asian salmon with rice noodle salad

Grilled Asian salmon with rice noodle salad

A flavourful mixture of vegetables with teriyaki basted salmon! Perfect for an Asian inspired summer dish to add to your menu.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most famous dish from Sri Lanka?

“Parippu” is the most famous curry dish within Sri Lanka and it is more commonly known as a dhal. Consisting of mainly red lentils, cinnamon, curry leaves, curry powder and coconut milk.

How is Sri Lankan food different from Indian?

The uses of spices such as chilli, cardamom, cinnamon are frequently used within both food types and are very similar but Sri Lanka has a very distinctive taste and often uses ingredients like dried Maldive fish which is local to their region.

Is all Sri Lankan food spicy?

In short, yes! The use of chilli’s within their recipes is very standard – especially as it comes in an abundance of forms like: dry, powdered, fresh and flakes. Of course, when you are following a Sri Lankan recipe you can chose to put as much or as little spice as possible.

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