Flavours Less Travelled: World food trends 2024

More than half of consumers agree that they would be willing to pay more for a dish they perceived as more authentic.

The Flavours Less Travelled trend has kept its spot on our food and drink trends 2024 list, as consumer appetite for off the beaten track cuisines and authentic global dishes continues to thrive.

New flavours and formats certainly appeal to their taste for adventure, as many have resumed long and short-haul travel over the last couple of years. However, the authenticity of cuisines has increasingly become a significant factor when deciding the value of a global dish, with 56% of consumers agreeing that they would be willing to pay more for a dish they perceive as more authentic.

What cuisines are rising in popularity in 2024?

Some of the cuisines we saw emerge last year are still gaining traction including Cuban, Sri Lankan and Pan-African dishes.  This year we are seeing some other cuisines gain momentum, including Caribbean, Mexican and Eastern European. Although people may be familiar with some of these trends, they are increasingly interested exploring further authentic dishes that they can offer.

Whilst people from the same heritage who have settled in the UK are likely to engage with their own cuisines, we are seeing mainstream interest in them grow too.

Are international foods becoming popular in the UK?

International foods that are becoming increasingly popular in the UK include: Caribbean, Mexican and Eastern European cuisines. Whilst some dishes from these countries are familiar to people, consumers are becoming interested in and excited to experience a greater variety of authentic dishes.

For example whilst jerk chicken has become popular, Caribbean cuisine offers a wider range of dishes to try such as goat curry, rice and peas, plantain fries, as well as grilled fish and seafood dishes. Many are familiar with nachos and burritos, for example. However, Mexican cuisine offers a wide variety of tacos, corn based dishes, slow cooked meats and unique desserts. Polish, Hungarian and Romanian cuisines are the most popular cuisines that people are interested in trying from Eastern Europe. These use a variety of techniques, vegetables, herbs, pickles and spices to cook meats such as pork, beef, chicken and smoked sausages.

What global foods will consumers want in 2024?

Many consumers have certainly developed more adventurous tastes in recent years, and the interest in trying new flavours, ingredients and cuisines from around the world has increased.

In 2023 we saw the emergence of Sri Lankan, Cuban, Pan African and Unusual Fusions. These are all still growing in popularity, however we’re expecting some new global cuisines to trend in 2024 including Caribbean, Mexican, and Eastern European (Polish, Hungarian and Romanian) cuisines.

Should you include foods from around the world on your menu?

You should include foods from around the world in your menu because it offers a variety of new and bold flavours and ingredients that will entice consumers.

What national dishes will be trending in 2024?

We’re expecting Mexican, Caribbean and Eastern European cuisines to emerge in 2024 as the key trending cuisines. The National dishes for those countries are:

Jamaica: Ackee and saltfish (the ackee fruit prepared with salted cod fish) or Jerk chicken

Mexico: Mole poblano (dishes prepared with a savoury chilli and chocolate sauce) or tacos

Poland: Bigos stew (a traditional Polish stew using pork, kielbasa, and sauerkraut)

Hungary: Goulash (a soup or stew made with meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika and other spices)

Romania: Mamaliga (otherwise known as potenta, a porridge made out of yellow maize flour)

Why are consumers interested in international foods?

Consumers have become increasingly adventurous in their tastes when eating out of home, since the start of the pandemic, when travel was limited. The interest in world foods, dishes and cuisines continues to grow as consumers looking for new authentic dishes, beyond the well known favourites, that they don’t have to travel to experience. International foods that are building momentum include Caribbean, Mexican, and Eastern European cuisines. It’s not just the different flavours and ingredients that excite consumers about these cuisines, almost half of consumers are interested in the way a dish is cooked, and international cuisines use a variety of specific cooking techniques to make their dish a speciality.

1. Authentic Caribbean

Over the last few years, we have seen consumers become relatively familiar with jerk dishes cooked alongside accompaniments such as rice and peas.  However, as the interest in Caribbean cuisine grows, fuelled by a wave of Caribbean food stalls, pop ups and restaurants across the UK, we are set to see a wider range of authentic dishes appear on menus.

22% of consumers already eat Caribbean cuisine
44% of consumers are interested in trying Caribbean cuisine

4 things you need to know about the Authentic Caribbean trend:

  • Known for its bold flavours

    Caribbean cuisine is known for its bold flavours, sweet and spicy sauces, mixed spices, tropical fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and seafood, along with warm comfort stews and curries.

    Caribbean food trends
  • Wide cultural and food heritage

    The Caribbean region is made up of thirteen sovereign island nations, and so the cuisine is a rich melting pot of different cultural and food heritages.

    Caribbean food wider cultural heritage
  • Mix of traditional and new dishes

    Whilst dishes like Jerk Chicken are quite popular, there is a growing popularity of more authentic traditional dishes such as curry goat, Caribbean chicken or oxtail stews, and the Jamaican national dish ackee and saltfish (an ackee fruit mixed with salt cod, peppers, onions and scotch bonnet chilli) usually served with fried dumplings.

    Caribbean food trend
  • Demographic

    18-34 year olds are the most interested in this trend and may be interested in Caribbean meal deals, including a filling main and dessert or drink. Similarly, university students who are missing home may want that ‘home cooked meal’ feeling that Caribbean dishes can definitely offer.

    Caribbean food trends

Authentic Caribbean recipes

Caribbean chicken stew

A comforting and traditional Caribbean chicken stew accompanied with rice and peas.

Find out more

Jamaican sweet potato chocolate cookies with crème

A delicious caramel crème filling sandwiched by fudgy sweet potato and chocolate cookies.

Find out more

5 ways to leverage the Caribbean trend:

  • Use Caribbean cooking techniques

    Call attention to techniques such as ‘slow cooked’, ‘jerked’, ‘stewed’, ‘barbecued’ and ‘marinated’ that can work across a variety of meats including chicken, goat, fish and seafood, as well as plant-based proteins.

  • Caribbean recipes menu specials

    Feature traditional Caribbean recipes for menu specials such as Jamaican ackee and saltfish or curried goat and rice and peas. These dishes are both comforting and filling, which positions them well as great value for money options, as well as seasonal dishes that work well during the autumn or winter months. For on-the-go snack solutions, saltfish fritters or Jamaican patties, that can be meat or vegetable filled, are good options.

  • Use Caribbean ingredients

    The Caribbean has a rich heritage of cake-making and desserts. Incorporate Caribbean ingredients such as coconut, rum, and mango, as well as spices such as allspice, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg to add a Caribbean twist to familiar formats like brownies, cakes, steamed or bread puddings, pastries, cheesecake and ice-cream to innovate your dessert menus.

    popular caribbean foods
  • Utilise theme days and specials

    Use theme days and specials to explore a variety of Caribbean dishes, which most popular of which can be extended to your main menu.

    popular caribbean food 2024
  • Introduce a Caribbean twist

    Introduce a Caribbean twist to elevate original recipes such as spicy mango salsa, Trinidadian chutney, jerk mayo, nutmeg, allspice and scotch bonnet chilli. These spices and sauces are a great way to add new exciting flavours to dinner day parts.

  • The rise of rum

    Don’t forget to tap into the rise of rum by offering or even cocktails and rum-based drinks with your Caribbean dishes. Great examples to consider are: Daiquiri, Mai Tai, Mojito, Rum Punch and Cuba Libre.

    Alcohol trends
    popular caribbean food 2024

Sustainable solutions for this trend

  • Sustainable solutions for this trend

Sustainable solutions for this trend

  • Caribbean stew is great way of using cheaper cuts and even leftover cuts of meat. The stew is simmered very slowly at a low heat, and even the toughest cuts will become tender and succulent.
  • Soft, surplus or wonky strawberries or other fruit can be put to good use in cocktails such as daiquiris, mojitos or rum punch.

What Caribbean food will be trending in 2024?

Caribbean foods in general is expected to trend in 2024, as consumers continue to be more adventurous in the wake of the pandemic. Some of the dishes that we expect to become increasingly popular include warming comfort foods such as curried goat and ackee and saltfish. Other already popular dishes such as patties, jerk chicken and rice and peas will continue to grow in appeal, alongside tropical ingredients such as mango, coconut and pineapple, used across both savoury and sweet dishes. It’s fair to say that as consumer interest in authenticity of dishes grows, they are increasingly keen to try flavours, recipes and formats that extend beyond those well-known favourites such as jerk. Modern and remixed twists to authentic dishes may also be popular, as we will see menus incorporating the British Fusion trend inspire dishes such as Caribbean roasts, blending flavours of the Caribbean with well-known British dishes and formats.

Will Jamaican food be trending in 2024?

The Jamaican foods that may be trending in 2024 include curried goat (a key source of protein), coconut rice and black eyed peas, a very popular dinner cuisine cooked in Jamaica that is full of flavour. It can be served with slaw and plantain sides. Another popular Jamaican dish is ackee and saltfish. Considered to be the national dish of Jamaica, it is a traditional Jamaican breakfast dish, but can also be eaten across all day parts.

Is Cuban food on the rise in 2024?

Cuban cuisine food is a trend we focused on last year, and it is still emerging with 47% of people saying that they would like to try this cuisine. Although this trend is hard to find in the UK, examples of authentic Cuban dishes that are underpinning the popularity of this cuisine include Pina Rellena (roasted seafood inside an open pineapple), Masitas de Cerdo (seasoned cuban style pork) and Empanadas (meat filled baked pastry turnovers). Some of the common ingredients used in this cuisine include pork, seafood, locally-grown gruits and root vegetables, for example, yuca, okra and plantain feature in authentic Cuban dishes too.

Should you include Caribbean dishes on your menu?

Caribbean dishes offer a vibrant fusion of bold flavours and diverse ingredients, and can be a great addition to menus depending on the customers that you serve and what appeals to them. It’s becoming a popular cuisine served both at market stalls, as well as restaurants, as 44% of consumers are interested in trying Caribbean cuisine and 22% of the UK are already eating it.

This in-demand cuisine offers flavoursome comfort foods, for example Caribbean stews and curries, alongside street food dishes that are perfect all year round. Dishes often include a variety of rub-marinated meats, such as jerk chicken, curry goat or grilled fish that often incorporate scotch bonnet chilli, peppers, cumin and allspice. Sweet potato, beans and pulses, callaloo and carrots are examples of ingredients used for flavoursome vegetarian and vegan options, mixed with herbs and spices. Some of the diverse cooking techniques used in preparing Caribbean dishes include marinating, and barbecuing, and these can add a unique dining experience for your customers, together with great depth of taste and flavour.

Why are Caribbean drinks trending in 2024?

Rum is a staple drink from the Caribbean that continues to stay on trend! 67% of consumers are likely to have a ‘go-to’ cocktail and three out of five of these popular cocktails contain rum. This versatile spirit mixes well with other spirits, juices, fruits and ingredients to make a variety of delicious cocktails, bringing out both sweet and sour flavours to give consumers a broad range of exciting choices on menus all year round. Dark, golden, white or spiced rums can be used in a fruity rum punch or in well-loved classics including Mojito’s, Pina Coladas, Mai Tais and Daiquiris. Rum also gives bartenders the ability to put unique and playful spins on signature and special cocktails because of its great versatility – adding more excitement to a drinks menu and enticing the more adventurous consumer.

What Caribbean desserts are trending in 2024?

Banana and rum fritters are a popular dish that can be served as a dessert or sweet snack. However, many of the sweet and spicy flavours that feature in Caribbean cuisine, including rum, tropical fruits, sweet potato, ginger, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg, lend themselves to a range of delicious Caribbean cookies, cakes and desserts. There’s a great tradition of baking cakes right across the Caribbean, such as Jamaican rum cake, Jamaican ginger cake, hummingbird cake and black fruit cake which are delicious examples that would grace any menu.

2. Authentic Mexican

Mexican is a cuisine that many consumers are already familiar with as TexMex dishes like nachos, fajitas and chilli con carne have graced menus across a wide range of eating out sectors for several decades now.

However, as with Caribbean cuisine, Mexican cuisine has a much greater breadth and depth of food culture to discover than the handful of recipes we are most familiar with.

44% of UK consumers have already tried Mexican cuisine
32% would like to try Mexican out of home

3 things you need to know about the Authentic Mexican trend:

  • Style, flavours and ingredients

    Mexican cuisine is known for its street food style recipes with indigenous ingredients that draw from the country’s rich and ancient culinary history. Dishes tend to combine fresh and often hot flavours, rich, marinated meats and flexible formats. Corn (or maize) is often the star ingredient, featuring in tortillas, as well as in soups, stews, breads, cakes and snacks.

  • Preparing authentically

    45% of consumers agree that is easy to identify dishes that have been prepared authentically. Techniques such as deep-frying, slow-cooking, marinades, and using a mortar and pestle to help prepare sauces, are all examples of how dishes are traditionally prepared or cooked, and are important cues for consumers when it comes to how to prepare and cook key Mexican dishes authentically.

    Mexican food trends
  • Demand in urban areas

    Consumers eating out in urban areas and cities are more likely to want to try Mexican in comparison to those who live in rural and suburban areas. This suggests that although Mexican is already popular in these areas, despite independent and branded Mexican restaurants being present, there is still a demand to try more of the cuisine.

    Mexican food trends

Authentic Mexican recipes

Mexican belly pork taco al pastor

A truly authentic Mexican favourite… the pork taco, with a punchy sauce and fresh salsa.

Find out more

Charred corn elotes with pork and chicken chicharrón

Charred sweetcorn elotes, served with chilli, lime and coriander butter and finished with a crisp pork and chicken crackling. A traditional Mexican street food to add to your lunch menu.

Find out more

5 ways to leverage the Authentic Mexican trend:

  • Street style grab and go

    Tap into the street-style of Mexican cuisine by creating grab and go items such as burritos and tacos, using staple ingredients such as mole sauce, bold salsas, shredded, marinaded meats, or slow cooking techniques like slow cooked carnitas (meats that are braised or simmered until tender).

  • Menu specials

    Create ‘Tapas of the day’ menu featuring information about the ingredients, cooking styles, and dishes to emphasise their authenticity. Try our Mexican belly pork tacos al pastor or our Charred corn elotes recipes. Other snack dishes that work well as tapas include Tamales, Tortas (a savoury bread filled with meats, egg, cheese, fresh vegetables, beans guacamole and pickled peppers), or Esquites (grilled or boiled corn salad served in a cup with cheese, lime, chilli powder or other ingredients).

    Mexican food trends 2024 specials board
  • Utilise shared and flexible menu formats

    Mexican dishes offer flexible formats that work well as sharing platters, which are popular right now as a more sociable eating out option, or via a ‘build your own’ menu concept, where customers can match meats, vegetables and sauce choices, adding a touch of fun, excitement and opportunity for personalisation.

  • Adapt to vegan and vegetarian diets

    The diversity of authentic Mexican ingredients now available in the UK, such as jalapenos, chipotle, paprika and smoked paprika, fresh coriander, lime, avocado, refried beans, sweet potato, and tortillas not only add a sense of authenticity to menus, but allow the opportunity to adapt this cuisine easily for vegan and vegetarian diets.

  • Tequila on the rise

    Don’t forget to tap into the rise of tequila by offering cocktails and tequila-based drinks with your Mexican dishes. Margaritas and Mexican Coffee are great examples to consider. 1 in 3 UK consumers typically drink tequila based cocktails.

    Alcohol trends
    Mexican drink trends tequila on the rise

Sustainable solutions for this trend

  • All


  • Carnitas are a great way of using up leftover meat, such as pork or chicken, fresh toppings, and sour cream in warm tortillas.
  • Keep your guacamole from going brown by adding lemon or lime juice (poured over the top to add a barrier to the air) and wrapping it tightly.
  • Use an avocado pit as an ingredient in your mole sauce! Clean and dry your avocado pit, leave it for 5 to 7 days then grate it and add one or two teaspoons to your sauce before baking (increase the measure depending on the number of portions you’re cooking).

What will be the Mexican food trends of 2024?

Interest in Mexican dishes, beyond the more familiar formats we know and love like nachos and burritos, is set to grow in 2024, as consumers look for more authentic dishes they haven’t tried before. UK consumers have demonstrated over the last few years that they have become more adventurous in their tastes, and this is fuelling the appeal of more authentic dishes within Mexican cuisine. Mexico is home to a very diverse range of tacos for example, as well as corn-based dishes and street foods. Some examples of popular dishes that capture the fresh and spicy flavours that make this dish so popular include: Tacos Al Pastor, the national dish of Mexico, which features marinated pork, often cooked on a spit, and Mexican Torta, which is a meat-filled sandwich containing ingredients such as cheese, refried beans, guacamole, peppers and other veggies, often sold as a streetfood. Corn on the cob, known as Elote, is a popular street food too, often covered with sour cream, cheese, lime and garlic. Carnitas is a dish made from slow-cooked, shredded pork topped with cheese and salsa.

Will Mexican food be popular in 2024?

Mexican food is already popular, with 44% of consumers engaging with the cuisine. However, although consumers are familiar with dishes such as nachos and burritos, interest in other dishes is growing as people are looking for a more authentic experience, and the opportunity to expand their experience of a cuisine they are only partly familiar with.

Authentic Mexican dishes offer a variety of different tacos such as tacos al pastor, corn based dishes such as esquites, slow cooked meats and unique cinnamon desserts. Mexican dishes feature ingredients and flavours such as chicken, fish and seafood, pinto beans, coriander, chilli and lime which add great flavour, spice and freshness.

Should you include Mexican dishes on your menu?

Mexican cuisine is already familiar and popular in the UK, with 44% of UK consumers engaging with the cuisine. However, as UK consumers continue to show adventurous tastes and seek out new and less familiar cuisines, dishes and ingredients, many are interested in trying Mexican dishes that they haven’t tried before. Adding some more authentic Mexican dishes to your menu will add excitement for consumers who are keen to expand their experience of the cuisine, and enjoy more of the bold flavours, fresh and spicy tastes that make it so popular in dishes or formats they haven’t tried before.

Mexican cuisine lends itself well to a range of different menus and dayparts, from Mexican breakfasts (that feature eggs, spices and tortillas) to lunches on the go, street food and snacks to sit down dinners and sharing platters. There is also an opportunity to entice more vegan and vegetarian consumers as the cuisine, and particularly its use of corn, beans and pulses as staple ingredients, lends itself well to plant-based dishes.

Are Mexican side dishes growing in popularity?

Desserts may grow in popularity in 2024, as people look for new authentic experiences within Mexican cuisine. Whilst churros are the most familiar to people, there are new desserts that may pop up on the scene that also use cinnamon as a key ingredient. For example, Arroz con Leche – a Mexican rice pudding spiced with cinnamon and Camote Enmielado – a sweet potato dish simmered in cinnamon and topped with salsa and guacamole, blending sweet and savoury flavours.

Why are Mexican drinks becoming more popular?

Tequila is one of the spirits that has been trending in 2023, and its popularity is set to continue in 2024. This very versatile spirit is unique and authentic to Mexico, and is produced from the agave plant which is grown in certain Mexican regions.

Tequila can be drunk as a shot with salt and lime, but can also be sipped as a drink in its own right, and is also the main constituent of many cocktails, including the famous Margherita. One in three consumers typically drink tequila-based cocktails, and 21% of consumers typically drink Margaritas. Over 9% of cocktails in the UK are tequila-based. Tequila’s exciting fruity, sweet and sour or earthy taste makes it great to put on menus in the summer season.

What Mexican Dishes will be popular in 2024?

Whilst consumers are familiar with Mexican dishes such as nachos and burritos, interest in the cuisine is set to grow as consumers are keen to explore more authentic Mexican dishes in 2024.

Some of those more authentic dishes that underpin the cuisine and which could trend in 2024 include the diverse styles of tacos and typical corn-based dishes that feature in Mexican food. For example, one of the most popular types of tacos are Tacos Al Pastor, made from marinated pork, often cooked on a spit, and a national dish in Mexico. Mexican torta is another popular streetfood, a meat-filled sandwich packed with a variety of ingredients including cheese, egg, vegetables, refried beans, guacamole and peppers. Carnitas is a dish made from slow-cooked, shredded pork topped with cheese and salsa. Esquites, a popular streetfood in Mexico, is a salad made with fresh corn kernels, mixed with cheese, garlic and lime, which adds a fresh, tangy flavour.

3. Authentic Eastern European cuisines

Eastern European cuisine is growing in popularity right now. It offers bold flavours in comforting, homely and filling dishes.

40% of consumers would like to try Central & Eastern European cuisine Out-Of-Home
3/5 UK consumers have either eaten or would like to eat Polish food
32% of consumers have either tried or are interested in Romanian cuisine

4 things you need to know about the Eastern European trend:

  • Growing in popularity

    Polish, Hungarian and Romanian are the top Eastern European cuisines that are growing in popularity:

    • 3 in 5 UK consumers have either eaten or would like to eat Polish food

    • Nearly half are engaged or interested in Hungarian food

    • 32% of consumers have either tried or are interested in Romanian cuisine.

  • What makes them appealing

    What makes these cuisines appealing are the recognisable types of dishes that characterise Eastern European cuisine, across all three countries. Stews, soups, pancakes, dumplings, pickles and cakes, are all familiar formats to the UK palate.

  • Unique national cuisine styles

    Although these countries have similarities, there are nuances across each country that make them individually appealing to the consumer with their distinct cuisine styles. Some examples of the delicious and authentic dishes that feature in these cuisines are driving this appeal include stews, such as Polish bigos (a national dish which is a stew made from mushrooms and smoked meat), Hungarian goulash and paprikash, and Romanian meatballs and grilled meat or charcuterie platters.

  • Expanding appeal in the UK

    Whilst the appeal of Eastern European foods may have initially sprung from those Eastern European populations that settled in the UK, 40% of UK consumers are interested in trying this cuisine, indicating that its appeal has expanded more widely to across the mainstream UK population.

Eastern European recipes

Loaded pretzels

A delectable combination of pretzels and succulent chicken sausages—a match made in flavour heaven that's sure to tantalize your taste buds. Freshly baked pretzel with mouth-watering toppings of spring onion, crispy onion, cheddar and hot sauce.

Find out more

Borscht with sour cream and dill

A warming traditional Borscht beetroot and sausage soup, served with sour cream and brown bread.

Find out more

4 ways to leverage the Eastern European trend:

  • Dishes to add to your menu

    popular eastern european food
  • Can serve all year round

    Traditional dishes from these regions, such as soups, stews and slow cooked or smoked meats work perfectly for autumn and winter seasons in the UK, but can be served right through the year. Picked ingredients also feature in all three cuisines. Nearly 1 in 5 UK consumers are interested in trying pickled foods.*

  • Seasonal desserts

    Eastern European trends seasonal desserts
  • Romanian wines are growing in popularity

    Romania has a history of wine making dating back over 6,000 years and today it has over 250 wineries that are considered active in the country. Romanian wines have also started to grow in popularity in the UK. Frunza Pinot Noir (14807) is a great example of a delicious Romanian wine stocked by Bidfood, which features flavours of cherry, raspberry and plums. This Pinot Noir has a balanced acidity, medium-body and slightly spicy finish.

    Romanian food trends

What European food trends are expected in 2024?

Eastern European food is one of those emerging cuisines that we expect to trend in 2024. Its initial popularity sprang from populations from Eastern European countries living in the UK, but the interest in these cuisines is now more widespread. In particular, we expect Polish, Hungarian and Romanian cuisines to grow in popularity. Some of the authentic dishes that are driving this appeal include stews, such as Polish bigos, Hungarian goulash and paprikash.
Eastern European cuisines are known for their grilled meats such as smoked sausages and meatballs, often served with vegetables, sour cream, dumplings, pickles (gherkins and sauerkraut), spices (for example paprika) and herbs like dill. Sweet desserts options include pastries, pancakes, cakes and pretzels, often featuring apple and berries.

Will Polish food be popular in 2024?

Popular Polish dishes that are underpinning the growth in popularity of this Eastern European cuisine include winter warming dishes such stews like Golanka and Bigos or soups such as Ogorwoka. Savoury dumplings filled with potatoes, cheese, cabbage and mushroom are also favourites. Delicious Polish desserts vary in formats from the traditional szarlotka apple pie, to karpatka vanilla custard pastries or Andrut caramel wafers. Commonly used ingredients in Poland include sauerkraut , beetroot, gherkins, sour cream, kohlrabi, mushrooms, sausages and smoked sausages, chicken, beef, pork, marjoram, dill, caraway seeds, parsley and dishes are also sometimes accompanied by vodka.

Should you include food from Hungary on your menu?

Nearly half of consumers in the UK are interested in trying Hungarian cuisine. Hungarian dishes are known for their spice, more so perhaps than other Eastern European countries, as paprika is one of the main ingredients used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Examples of authentic Hungarian dishes that could work well on British menus include Hungarian stuffed crepes, paprikash chicken stew and langos, a pizza-like deep fried dough topped with cheese and sour cream. Ingredients commonly used in Hungarian cuisine include paprika, eggs, smoked bacon, cabbage, tomatoes, vinegar and picked ingredients, apricots and prunes, poppy seeds, sour cream, walnuts and hazelnuts, potatoes, pork and onions.

Why is food from Poland growing in popularity?

Eastern European cuisines in general are expected to trend in 2024, and Polish cuisine is one of those that we are expecting to grow in popularity. Initial interest in Polish cuisine in the UK came undoubtedly from Polish communities that settled in over recent years. However, the appeal of Polish cuisines has extended beyond these communities and the cuisine now holds broader mainstream interest, as the UK consumer has become more adventurous in their tastes. Typical dishes such as warming stews include ingredients that are not too alien or challenging for the UK palate, including smoked sausage and meats, potatoes, cheese, cabbage, gherkins, mushrooms, sour cream, and dumplings, to name a few.

Sustainable solutions for this trend

  • Sustainable solutions for this trend

Sustainable solutions for this trend

  • Preserve surplus (and wonky) vegetables such as cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, beetroots and other root veg by pickling them. This is also a great way of eating veg outside of season without having to import them. Sauerkraut is a popular Polish side made from picked vegetables and often served with bigos and Polish sausages.
  • In Romania, many people fast for religious or cultural reasons (especially over the Lent period), which involves giving up foods of animal origin for forty days, or sometimes for up to three months a year. As a result, there are a great many recipes that feature mushrooms and peppers in place of meat. This cuisine therefore lends itself very well to vegan, vegetarian or plant-based menu choices.


*Bidfood & CGA by NielsenIQ Trends 2024 bespoke consumer survey, sample: 2,003 UK consumers.

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