Top ice cream trends

Make the most of your ice cream menus by being on the pulse with what's new in the ice cream world. Check out some of the hottest trends, that we expect to be seeing more of this year.

Let’s play

This trend is all about fun, playful and exciting dishes, designed to wow. Why not switch it up by adding a more daring flavour, such as our Yarde Farm Candy Floss Ice Cream? Or play around with serving formats using Old El Paso Taco Shells to create ice cream tacos? We know that consumers are increasingly drawn to visually appealing and stimulating dishes, so this is a great opportunity for businesses to provide unique and interesting experiences when eating out.

Bitesize ice cream

Small bites of joy! Bitesize ice cream products have recently stormed the market, and is continuing to grow, with a third of ice cream consumers' saying they’re interested in trying bite size portions of ice cream* Check out our range now, whether it’s Magnum Bites or Little Moons - you can offer alternative options to your customers.


Having vegan options in your ice cream range helps your menus be more inclusive, but it’s an even bigger advantage if you have exciting and varied flavours on offer! Thankfully we’ve got a huge range of Vegan flavours to ensure you’ve got your menus ready for summer!

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*Three ice cream trend action areas for UK food operators in 2024 (

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