Top ice cream trends

Make the most of your ice cream menus by being on the pulse with what is new in the ice cream world. Below are our predictions of what consumers are looking.

Plant based

Brands have been hard at work mastering the flavours and textures that we all love about ice cream for plant based diets. The result has been an increasing assortment of interesting flavours that satisfy the growing demand for vegan and plant based desserts.

Dessert inspired

No need to choose between your favourite ice cream and dessert when you can now have both. The world of ice cream has revived memories of familiar desserts into ice cream such as chocolate brownie, red velvet and even birthday cake.

Textural experience

Bits and tiny surprises signal a premium experience through the unique sensations we get from decadent, chewy or crunchy additions to ice cream. Inclusions are becoming more adventurous and allowing for new and great flavour combinations. Also, don’t overlook the ever growing in popularity mochi ice creams – a colourful delight with three different textures.


The trend of nostalgic foods has only grown stronger. When it comes to ice cream it’s all about comforting flavours and combinations that take us back to when we were younger. Retro flavours such as raspberry ripple and rhubarb and custard are great examples of this.

Fully loaded

Consumer’s expectations of ice cream have been influenced by the fame of dessert parlours. It’s all about giving options of toppings and piling them high for that Instagram-able look, and when we say options we mean plenty of options. Think sauces, whipped cream, toppings, popular chocolate bars, wafers and sprinkles.


These delicate French treats have crossed our trends radar a few times over the years. They are back once again and all over ice cream this time. Spot mini shells inside your scooping ice cream or have large ones as the carrier for a first-class ice cream sandwich.

Trending flavours

Find out what we think are going to be the trending ice cream flavours for 2023


Caramel remains the third most used flavour for ice cream*. It might be a classic flavour but innovative twists and combinations are giving way to flavours such as salted caramel, caramel brownie and dulce de leche.


Nutty flavours such as hazelnuts, pistachio, pecan and macadamia work so well with ice cream so no wonder more flavours and inclusions are being included in scooping ice cream. It is also increasingly seen in impulse ice cream bars and as toppings to satisfy the fully loaded trend.


The trend began with cookies and cream but has since drawn inspiration from classic and new biscuit flavours. From ice cream sandwiches, toppings and biscuit flavoured ice cream, some new favourites include lotus biscoff and rich tea.

Cookie dough

Raw nostalgia and a classic American flavour, cookie dough is not to be forgotten about when thinking about your menus. Great as a standalone ice cream flavour but also a great accompaniment to desserts from the usual vanilla.


With the ability to travel through our food, we look to explore new flavours and exotic tastes from around the world. A sure trend emerges in East meets West with flavours such as coconut lychee, purple yam and black sesame.

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