Ice cream

Ice cream – a favourite treat for many! Whether it’s a classic scoop of vanilla or something more adventurous like bubblegum marshmallow! We have plenty of flavours to keep your customers sweet! Why not check out our new shoppable guide below, where we have fresh new products, as well as the latest trends across the industry.

Ice cream trends

Indulge in the latest Ice Cream Trends for 2024, to help shape your menus. From the ‘Let’s Play’ trend we’re seeing across all categories, to bitesize ice cream.

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Our complete range

Discover our full range in the Ice Cream Guide, filled with new product. Browse scooping ice creams and sorbets, right through to cones, and toppings to really make your menu stand out.

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Ice cream recipes

Want to create something exciting for your menus? We’ve got you covered with these recipes to serve as inspiration.

Desserts guide

Discover the latest trends, insights and nations favourites and explore our desserts range and recipes.

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Yarde Farm

Yarde Farm are serious about ice cream and have been crafting award winning luxury ice cream and sorbets in Devon for nearly 35 years.

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