Date posted: 21/01/2022

Rhubarb and custard ice cream cups with burnt mallow

  • Timing: 16 mins
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Liquid egg white 120g
Caster sugar 150g
Golden syrup 50g
Everyday Favourites table salt 0.1g
Yarde Farm Rhubard & Custard Ice Cream 120ml
Waffle baskets 1
Raspberry dessert sauce 15g
Raspberries 20g
Biscoff crumbs 8g


  1. Place the egg white, sugar, golden syrup and salt into a mixing bowl over a pan of simmering water
  2. Whisk until light and fluffy and the mallow holds itself in peaks, then transfer to a piping bag
  3. Assemble all other ingredients
  4. Scoop ice cream into the baskets and top with mallow, raspberry sauce, fresh raspberries, mint and biscoff crumb
  5. Flame the mallow and serve
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