Yarde Farm

Yarde Farm have been crafting award winning luxury ice cream and sorbets in Devon for over 30 years and pride themselves on making memorable moments through their dedication to creating the very best ice cream experience.

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Why choose Yarde Farm ice cream?

  • Great taste and texture
  • Traditionally made with fresh double cream
  • Specific flavours made with clotted cream for a truly indulgent taste
  • Italian Gelato inclusions with real fruit fillings
  • High quality ice cream at competitive prices
  • Scoop straight from the tub at -18◦C
  • BRC accredited facilities
  • Includes plant-based and gluten free options

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Yarde Farm are based in Devon. Crafting award-winning, artisanal ice cream and sorbets for over 30 years, their extraordinary ice cream range is most temptingly worth a look.

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4 new flavours to get your hands on in 2024

Yarde Farm have just launched four brand new flavours for 2024 and we predict they’re going to be really popular with our customers. Two inspired by classic desserts, one inspired by a childhood favourite sweet and one is just a chocoholics dream ice cream!

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Introducing Barke Farm

Introducing a tail wagging tasty iced treat for dogs, Barke Farm. Made from real banana, apple and carrot, making it gentle on the stomach and an easy to digest treat, all supported by a vast range of branded point of sale.

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Get creative!

Yarde Farm thrive on trying and testing out new flavour combinations and love nothing better than getting creative to bring deliciously moreish and imaginative recipes

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Dessert top tips

Take a moment, preferably with some Yarde Farm ice cream, to read our blog that shares some simple hints and tips to serve the perfect dessert to complete your customer’s meal with an impressive sweet treat.

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Providing a selection of plant based ice cream options is important to your vegan customers, and Yarde Farm have added two new flavours in mini tub sizes, chocolate and vanilla. These are certainly worth a try!


Working with nationally recognised brands to bring innovative flavours to the market including Lotus Biscoff and Reese’s Peanut Butter to create extraordinary melt in the mouth joy filled moments. ​


Yarde Farm provide a wide range of branded point-of-sale to ensure your ice cream offer has the greatest attraction and appeal to give you extraordinary support to enhance your business.

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