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4 new ice cream flavours you want to get your hands on in 2024

4 new ice cream flavours you want to get your hands on in 2024

It’s January, so why wouldn’t we start talking about ice cream!? Don’t let the cool weather fool you, it could be time to start planning for the spring and the beginning of the ice cream 2024 season! And Yarde Farm are launching four brand new flavours for you to scoop up just in time:

1. Cherry cola sorbet

A nostalgic nod to your favourite childhood sour sweets! This cherry cola sorbet is a beautiful deep raspberry colour and tastes just like the sweet you remember. It’s surprisingly refreshing on a hot day and would sit perfectly within a trio of sorbets on a dessert menu. Or how about a nod to the popular drink rum and coke; cherry cola sorbet served with rum poached cherries with a nice sprig of mint to top it off (you can thank Bidfood’s Chef Martin for that one!).

2. Marshmallow mudslide ice cream

A delicious chocolate ice cream with added fluffy white and pink marshmallows and an Oreo crumb within. This one is perfect in a sundae if not just simply in a cone. One for the chocoholics amongst us.

3. Lemon meringue ice cream

This one is perfect for the summer. If you love a lemon meringue dessert, you’ll love this. It’s got delicious ripples of lemon curd running through and added chunks of crunchy meringue.

4. Strawberry cheesecake ice cream

One of the most popular desserts on a menu converted into ice cream format. It’s a cheesecake flavoured ice cream with a strawberry ripple and crumbs of shortbread biscuit.

There you have it. Four flavours to help you update and refresh your ice cream offering for your 2024 menu. You’re welcome!

For more ice cream inspiration head to Yarde Farm | Brand solutions – Bidfood 

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