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Let’s talk tacos: in 4 simple steps

Let’s talk tacos: in 4 simple steps

Let’s talk tacos in 4 simple steps! Whether you are wanting to create traditional tacos or mix up the flavours, constructing these handful fiestas in the palm of your hand couldn’t be simpler! Our World Foods taco concept includes a simple 4 step journey to help add these consumer favourites on your menu!

Step 1: Choose your case

Now traditional tacos tend to be made from corn or flour tortillas but many now come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavours and cater to a variety of dietary needs.
If you want crunchy shells ready-to-fill, corn flour tacos ready-to warm or even a flat-bread option for that added depth and food fusion then we have the range for you!

Step 2:  Pick your protein

This where it starts to get a bit more exciting and you can get the taste buds tingling- we’ve got chicken, mincemeat, tofu, pork or how about a battered fish goujon for a fish option?

Chef Martin says:

” You cant beat a fish goujon in a taco! You get that delicious golden crisp batter and then the succulent flaky fish inside which, combined with the right ingredients and sauce makes the perfect tasty fish taco”

Chef Martin Eshelby
Food Innovation Manager

For that extra added value you could create a pick and mix menu option, so all protein options can be explored by your customers!

Step 3: Add your toppings

Would you opt for cheese, jalapeños, pickled onions, guacamole…why not go for all of them? Whether it’s for added flavour or texture, adding toppings your taco is the perfect way to elevate them.
We added jalapeños and mango to our Caribbean cauliflower tacos, the perfect sweet and spicy combination for that added world foods twist.
Here’s Chef Martin loading up some delicious steak tacos:

Step 4: Select your sauce or seasoning

Some like it hot and some like it not! Whether it’s salsas or seasonings, this is where flavours pack the punch and makes your tasty tacos worth every bite!
We added a North African spice paste to chicken mince to create a delicious cuisine fusion of North African flavours in a Mexican favourite. What would sauce or seasoning would you choose?

To discover the products World Foods has added to their taco concept, head over to; Summer concepts – Bidfood, where you can also discover inspiring taco recipes as well as other summer concepts for burgers, steaks and salads! Each concept also includes: buildable menus and downloadable POS.

Here’s one of our favourite tacos in 4 simple steps recipe suggestions:

Where will your taste buds take you first?

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