Date posted: 21/01/2022

Pineapple and mango sundae split

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    Fresh pineapple 1
    Yarde Farm Mango Sorbet 2 scoops
    Mango puree 30g
    Diced mango 40g
    Meringue nests 30g
    Passion fruit purée 5g
    Banana chips 10g
    Medium desiccated coconut 1


    1. Prepare the pineapple in wedges length ways and chargrill - then chill
    2. Place the pineapple length ways into you chosen serving dish and add the ice cream, mix the mango puree and diced mango together and spoon over
    3. Top with random swirls of Italian meringue then flame until set and caramelised
    4. Drizzle with passion fruit, crushed banana chips and toasted coconut
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