Ice cream trends

The nation loves ice cream and it’s one of the most symbolic signs of the Great British summer; and the possibilities are endless when it comes to consuming this tasty treat! What’s more, in such a weather dependent option, it’s a good idea to think ahead so you have fresh ways to make your customers want ice cream all year round.

Plant based

Veganism is booming and continuing to drive new products across every food and drink category including ice cream. The development of new products such as milk alternatives is really helping to grow the possibilities for plant based ice creams without compromising on flavour and quality.  

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Premium flavours

Ice cream is all about indulgence and we’re seeing some really sophisticated flavours coming through, using premium ingredients to elevate ice cream to another level. Examples of this are alcohol infusions, chai tea and botanicals such as lavender.


The resurgence of nostalgia has been on the rise across all food and beverage categories, especially as consumers looked for comforting foods and flavours during the pandemic. And ice cream is one of the ultimate comfort foods. Think retro flavours like rhubarb and custard, banana and raspberry ripple.  


The combination of sweet and savoury has been popular for quite some time, great examples of this are chicken and waffle, pineapple on pizza and more relevant to ice cream, salted caramel. Now the savoury trend is moving on and we have seen some adventurous flavours emerge but we love the use of smoked, charred and even burnt flavours to add a touch of savoury to ice cream. For example, charred banana or burnt milk.

Flavour mash ups

Consumers are loving the merge of their favourite flavours and this really works when it comes to ice cream. The most popular flavour mash ups with ice cream are with classic confectionery bars, desserts and even bakery products such as biscuits and gingerbread.

The dessert parlour effect

With dessert parlours on the rise, so is the expectation of desserts and ice cream, so why not embrace the loaded and indulgence trend led by these parlours and add something spectacular to your menus. Here are some dessert parlour themed ideas that could be added to any menu.

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A classic option with ice cream at its core, taken to a new level by dessert parlours with different flavour combinations. It’s all about piling them high with popular toppings.


Big American style waffles are great desserts options or even for brunch. Keep it classic with your ice cream and go to town on the sauces and toppings. Giving your customers options to personalise really works well here.

Cookie dough

Cookie dough is the perfect indulgent dessert, topped with scoops of ice cream, and drizzled with sauce, again it works really well giving customers options to personalise.


Pile them high like a sky scraper, add a dollop or two of ice cream, smother in sauce and add an array of toppings. Again another option that can be adapted for brunch using fruit or even bacon and maple syrup.


Update your drinks menus with thick creamy milkshakes. Simple to create by using the same base of vanilla ice cream, and easy to adapt to keep your milkshake menus fresh. We recommend tapping into the flavour mash up trend and making milkshakes using popular confectionery. Turn your milkshakes into a freakshake by loading up with whipped cream, dessert sauce and toppings to make it into a dessert drink.

The ice cream sandwich trend continues…

Ice cream sandwiches have been around for a couple of years now but are continuously evolving into even more indulgent and eye catching formats. They are a really fun and simple way to elevate your ice cream and can work for both eat in or on the go. The question simply is… adventurous are you going to get with your ice cream sandwich creations. Here are some ideas for you;

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The original ice cream sandwich started with cookies and are still just as eye catching as they have evolved and become even more indulgent by being dipped in chocolate or sauces and smothered with toppings.


Yup, you read that right…Ice cream burgers are the new generation of ice cream sandwiches, but bigger, messier and including way more than just ice cream inside.


If the burger was a step too far, how about using a doughnut to create an ice cream sandwich on your menu. Slice the doughnut in half, fill full of ice cream of your choice, drizzle with chocolate and serve. Question is what kind of doughnut will you use, a ring, plain, jam or custard?


Making ice cream sandwiches acceptable for brunch as well as dessert. Pack them full of ice cream and fruit – we love the combination of vanilla and bananas with a drizzle of chocolate of course.


A tiny twist on an ice cream sandwich by using macarons as the “bread” and probably the prettiest of all ice cream sandwiches as you can use contrasting colours as well as flavours. Perfect for an afternoon tea or trio dessert.

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