Ice cream trends


Ice cream trends


The nation loves ice cream and it’s one of the most symbolic signs of the Great British summer; but the possibilities are endless when it comes to consuming this tasty treat! What’s more, in such a weather dependent category, it’s a good idea to think ahead so you have fresh ways to make your customers want ice cream all year round.

Dietary choices

While ice cream will always be a worthwhile treat for many people, cleaner, better ingredients based on tradition and provenance resonate with customers. Healthier add-ons (like superfoods and vegetables) can help boost health appeal. And there’s a growing demand for vegan and lacto-free (milk-free) options which is why we’ve launched an exciting new vegan range (see the full brochure for the new range!).

Make it your own

Customers enjoy the opportunity to make their ice cream their own. We’re talking custom combos of toppings, sauces, cones, even multiple flavours. Get creative, or more importantly, let your customers get creative!


Ice cream sandwiches were the forerunners of this trend, but since their emergence, bite-size and on-the-go ice cream snacks have exploded. The more unusual and innovative, the better! Why not check out our wacky ice cream tacos recipe.



Fun with flavours

Traditional flavours remain popular, but there’s still demand for innovation and sophistication. Sweet and savoury combinations are becoming more fashionable, look at the continued success of salted caramel. Create intrigue through the addition of spices, alcohol and floral flavours. Use different textures and formats inspired by other dessert categories – such as Eton mess or rocky road flavours.

Softly does it

The nostalgia associated with soft serve ice cream has ensured its popularity in the UK, but its versatility and ability to carry interesting and on-trend toppings & sauces has brought its popularity to new levels. Sundaes are now the most popular ice cream related dishes on menus in the pub, restaurant and casual dining channels.* Modern consumers are continuously looking for visually impactful dishes that enhance their out-of-home dining experience and desserts that include soft serve ice cream meet this need perfectly.

*According to MCA’s Menu Tracker.



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