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Pan-African cuisine is a collaboration of all African cuisines and ingredients, flavours and cooking methods from North, East, West and Southern Africa. We have a great range of spices and seasonings to compliment Pan-African inspired cuisine, as well as meats, fish, vegetables, pastes, marinades, dried pulses, fruits and breads to help you create perfect African inspired dishes!

43% of UK consumers would like to try Southern African cuisine*

Southern African cuisine, although it is not unheard of it is hard to access for many consumers. Explore our African product range and discover how easy it is to include the aromatic spices, curries and flavours on your menu!

*Bidfood & CGA by Nielsen IQ Trends 2023 bespoke consumer survey, 2,000 UK consumers /*Mintel World Cuisines, UK, 2022

44% of UK adults are very health conscious*

The Moroccan cuisine is so versatile that it can cater to a number of diets, with many Moroccan dishes being plant-based or gluten free, it is the perfect cuisine to factor in health and indulgence which are two major trend drivers in the market, when it comes to consumer dining behaviours. Discover our product range that includes perfect meat free alternatives.

*Lumina Intelligence Menu and Food Trends Report, December 2022

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Discover our wholesale Pan-African inspired food range

Our African product range includes a great selection of ingredients, spices and cooking sauces and baked goods to help build your African-inspired recipes. We also have a “Choose your protein” range that which includes a variety of meat and meat free alternatives that you can season for simple menu swap solutions!

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Learn some of our delicious African inspired recipes

Mozambique spiced lamb pitta with apricot and mint slaw

Mozambique spiced lamb pitta with apricot and mint slaw

Mozambique inspired spiced lamb pitta with apricot and mint slaw – delicious, tender and the perfect recipe for menu inspiration.

South African bobotie

South African bobotie

A national dish of South Africa, the Bobotie is a delicious mixture of curried meat and fruit with a soft, golden topping – making the perfect aromatic savoury dish.

East African mango and cucumber salad

East African mango and cucumber salad

This punchy East African salad is full of fresh ingredients and flavour.

Frequently asked questions

What is South Africa’s most famous dish?

Bobotie is considered to be Southern Africa’s National dish and is similar to meatloaf with the use of ground beef but is seasoned with sweet curry spices and is topped with a milk and egg custard and then baked until golden brown. It’s a sweet and savoury delicacy.

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