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Short travel destinations creating lasting memories of delicious foods! Here you can discover some of the UK consumer’s favourite European cuisines! We have Italian cuisine, where pizza and pasta are undoubtedly adored by most and Spanish cuisine where the small plates of food possibilities seem endless! And we can’t miss out our own British favourites! Browse our cuisine pages below and discover what makes these cuisines so popular with UK consumers and how you can include them on your menus!
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    Italian cuisine

    Italy is a country famous not only for its glorious landscapes, rich history and vibrant culture but also for the heavenly food offering! Italian cuisine, pretty much caters to everyone and has the perfect customisable menu offering! Travel to our Italian cuisine page to see the many ways you can customise your menu using key Italian-inspired ingredients!

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    British cuisine

    Whilst British cuisine has many traditional staples, it’s been evolving over the years as our chefs love to test the boundaries and create fusions with other cuisines. Favourite dishes still include: fish & chips, afternoon tea and a full English. But modern British cuisine has also been strongly influenced by other cuisines from around the world! If you fancy food staycation with a twist – here’s the place to be!

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    Spanish cuisine

    It’s safe to say British consumers love Spanish cuisine. And that is probably because as customisation and personalisation becomes more and more of a must-do in foodservice, Spanish cuisine allows that. With a wide variety of small dishes that customers can pick and choose from covering meat, fish and seafood and great meat free options, it’s a great cuisine to cater for a large group of people. Head over to our Spanish cuisine page and see if there’s any light-bites, side dishes or exciting recipes you could include on your menu!


Chicken and vegetable paella

Using our Farmstead chicken thighs, chicken stock, saffron and paella rice to make it a nice thick rice dish!


Fun fact – did you know that different regions in Spain have different paella recipes!


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Our full product range, for all the cuisines, in one destination! Whether you are looking for contemporary, authentic, simple or ready-to-cook products, each cuisine has something for you! Don’t miss out on hot consumer demands and discover how you can include easy on-trend menu solutions this summer!

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2024 Food & Drink Trends

2024 Food & Drink Trends

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Menu Solutions

Menu Solutions

A place to help chefs facing tough industry challenges like time and skill in the kitchen. Menu Solutions offers key insights on time-saving, simple serve ideas.

Turning to takeaway

Turning to takeaway

If you’ve got a takeaway or food-to-go offering, head over to our Catering Supplies page to discover our full range of disposables along with a full range of hygiene and products to help keep your kitchen up to code.

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