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Following the Coronation of the King, British cuisine is in the spotlight with consumers. It is one of the UK’s most popular chosen cuisines when it comes to dining out and people love local traditions such as afternoon tea, fish and chips and a good old British roast dinner! Here you can find our nations nearest and dearest selection of British products and recipes to help inspire you to build new British menu options!

Did you know that 80% of UK consumers, opt for British cuisines when dining out?*

British is an ever evolving cuisine and has been on the incline in most recent years, especially with significant cultural events taking place! So it comes as no surprise that consumers are consciously making choices to purchase more British products and consume more British meals – highlighting the importance of including British favourites on your menus.

*Bidfood & CGA by NielsenIQ Trends 2023 bespoke consumer survey, 2,000 UK consumers

New dishes become popular within “established” cuisines*

Even though British cuisine is classed as “established” it doesn’t mean we can’t continuously look to be innovative or creative with our nation’s classic menu choices. How about including a hoisin duck Bao bun onto your afternoon tea menu for example or using a folded naan to create a delicious breakfast bap? Consumers are always looking for new exciting dishes to brag about, browse our British recipes page for more inspirational fusions!

*Lumina Intelligence Menu and Food Trends Report, December 2022

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Of course within our British product range we have included the British menu classics, everything from a full English breakfast to afternoon tea delights or how about a traditional roast dinner of your choice. All the essentials and more can be found within our British range here.

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Learn some of our delicious British recipes

Chicken, mushroom and asparagus pie

Chicken, mushroom and asparagus pie

This hearty pie dish is a fresh take on a classic chicken pie – something for everyone to enjoy on those rainy days - which we know a British summer always has!

Everyday Favourites mature cheddar cheese, tomato and broccoli quiche

Everyday Favourites mature cheddar cheese, tomato and broccoli quiche

A great lunch or dinner time favourite! This delicious quiche is super easy to make and is ready in just under an hour - perfect addition for any coffee shop or afternoon tea menu!

Whitby Seafoods cod goujon butty

Whitby Seafoods cod goujon butty

Serve in a sarnie with lashings of tartar sauce, rocket salad and a squeeze of lemon; or in Mexican-style tacos with salsa and salad.

Best of British

If you want to venture further into British cuisines and get more inspiration on why you should be including British products or British classics on your menu - head over to our Bidfood British page where you can explore more insights, recipes, products and supplier stories!

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Frequently asked questions

What is traditional British cuisine?

Many associate traditional British food with an indulgent roast dinner or a freshly cooked comforting fish and chips, or even a hearty pie and mash – yes these are all British menu favourites and have been around for centuries but British cuisine is constantly evolving! There are more British curry aspiring dishes than ever before, so whilst the classics will always remain, they are constantly changing and the future of British cuisine is something for our taste buds to look forward too!

Which British foods are unique?

Well, including the ones that have been mentioned above some other national favourites are: Toad in the hole, Shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash and something that is always a hit and miss at the breakfast table is our notorious black pudding!

What are the 3 most popular British foods?

According to British Study, the 3 most popular British foods, in order are: shepherd’s pie, beef wellington and fish & chips! We have some amazing recipes for each of these, head over to our recipes section to find out more!

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