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Ciao! Welcome to our Italian cuisine page which is home to our bello (beautiful) selection of Italian products! We’ve explored trending cuisines, products and included inspiring on-trend, time saving recipes to help you with your menu planning – discover more below to see how you can enhance your Italian-inspired menu!

49% of main dishes are now customisable*

Customisation is a big trend impacting the Food & Beverages industry. Whether it’s allowing consumers to pick their own pasta or create their own pizzas, Italian cuisine is the perfect way to tap into this trend, manage costs effectively and engage with your customers!

*Lumina Intelligence, Eating & Drinking Out Panel, Menu Tracker, October 2022

The UK’s most ordered takeaway dish in 2022, was pizza*

I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a decent pizza?! Whether you’re mad for margherita or passionate for pepperoni the choice of toppings is ever evolving and consumers clearly can’t seem to get enough. Take a look at our product range below and start creating your perfect pizza!

*Foodhub Research, UK July 2022

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Discover our wholesale Italian inspired food range

Italian cuisine is so much more than pasta and pizza and even though these are very versatile staples within Italian dining, there is also an impeccable selection of Italian breads, desserts and antipasti products that shouldn’t be ignored! We’ve collated a wide range of Italian must have products, including all of the above to help inspire you when designing your menu!

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Learn some of our delicious Italian recipes

Chicken and bacon creamy pesto pasta

Chicken and bacon creamy pesto pasta

A deliciously indulgent pasta dish that is bursting with flavour! The rich cheesy sauce, combing the vibrant pesto and sundried tomatoes gives the perfect balance of flavours.

Fresh and foraged pizza

Fresh and foraged pizza

A lively thin crust pizza bursting with flavour, including garlic and fresh greens! Perfect addition to any menu and occasion!

Carrot top pesto

Carrot top pesto

Carrot top pesto blended with pumpkin seeds – perfect to accompany any side, pasta dish or as a topping for a fresh salad!


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Support tools

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Frequently asked questions

What is traditional Italian cuisine?

The basis of Italian cuisine is rich in everything fabulous! From delicious pasta, fish, fruits and vegetables to cheese, cold cut meats and coffee or wine. Of course within the UK we celebrate the Italian culture most with our version of customizable pizzas’.

What are 5 famous Italian foods?

You’ve probably guessed the key theme by now – but of course pizza is going to be in the top 5!! It is globally recognised and pizza making is considered an art form for many Italians. We then have your pasta and risotto dishes and then their creamy gelatos and rich coffees that they are renowned for being the masters for.

What is a typical Italian lunch?

Believe it or not, a typical Italian lunch would be the most important meal of their day and would consist of a cooked meal, such as a pasta or rice dish which is accompanied by a protein and a side of vegetables.

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