Pizza Evolution: Pizza Trends

Pizza is on the rise in the UK

Pizza has been popular for as long as we can remember. It’s a staple part of the much-loved Italian cuisine, but it has also become an everyday menu favourite in the UK.

And lately, we’ve seen the nation’s love for pizza grow even further, and we suspect it’ll continue doing so in 2023.

In fact, pizza was the UK’s most ordered takeaway dish in 2022*. And as the takeaway and delivery market continues to evolve after booming during the pandemic, we expect the demand for pizza to remain strong.

New formats and pizza topping ideas

The adaptability of pizza makes it a great fit for many occasions, and innovation in the market with vegan, gluten-free and healthier options only makes it more accessible and appealing to a wider consumer base.

The simple concept of a pizza allows for lots of creativity… we’re seeing new formats (Panuozzo pizza wraps for example) and unusual toppings (such as blueberries… who’d have thought?!). Pizza crusts have become a food trend in their own right in recent years – and as the sustainability movement grows, we expect to see more creativity with these to minimise food waste, make the most of each meal and elevate the pizza experience.

2023 popular pizza types

We’re seeing more excitement around different types of pizza too. The UK is embracing more American styles like Detroit and New York style pizzas, with new outlets specialising in these. 2 in 5 people have said they are eager to try Detroit pizza when eating out*.

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What are the latest pizza trends?

It’s innovation and creativity that’s fuelling the growing popularity of pizzas right now. Think plant-based toppings, pizza wraps (panuozzo), gluten-free bases, unusual toppings or would-be wasted ingredients.

Even new styles of pizzas are making an appearance, like Detroit rectangular-cut pizzas with delicious crispy, crusty edges.

Which types of pizzas will customers want?

Whether it’s at lunchtime, for dinner or on the go, consumer will want something a little interesting and different when it comes to pizzas in 2023.

Rectangular formats, unusual or even plant-based toppings, pizza wraps or gluten-free bases are some of the new ways we’re looking to enjoy pizzas. The beauty of pizzas has always been that you can personalise or tailor your pizza as you like, but in 2023 we’ll be looking for new and innovative takes on our favourite takeaway dish!

Which pizza toppings will be popular in 2023?

It’s interesting, unusual or different toppings, sustainable or plant-based toppings that we’ll see making pizzas more exciting in 2023. So get creative with would-be wasted ingredients, vegan, veg-based or gluten-free toppings, or even ingredients that feature in our Flavours Less Travelled trend (Pan-African, Cuban, Sri Lankan or Unusual Fusions).

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