Date posted: 21/09/2022

Fresh and foraged pizza

A delicious thin-based pizza topped with wild garlic pesto and fresh, vibrant greens.

  • Serves 1
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Artisan Sourdough pizza dough balls (frozen) 1 piece
Pumpkin seeds 30g
Basil (green, chilled) 20g
Wild garlic 25g
Pure olive oil 40ml
Sea salt 1g
Lemons (chilled) 1 lemon
Asparagus (green, chilled) 15g
Courgette (green, chilled) 20g
Peas (frozen) 30g
Baby leaf with kale and spinach (washed, ready to eat and chilled) 10g
Grana Padano wedge (chilled) 50g
Whole black peppercorn 0.1g


  1. Defrost the dough ball as per the instructions on the pack.
  2. Make a pesto by toasting the pumpkin seeds and blending with the herbs, a little oil, salt, lemon zest, grana Padano and black pepper.
  3. Grill the asparagus quickly and set to one side.
  4. Roll out the base with a rolling pin and then brush it with oil. Drizzle and spread the pesto over the pizza base and top with grilled asparagus and some shavings of cheese. Cook the pizza quickly on a high heat until it is nice and crispy.
  5. Ribbon cut the courgette and then add blanched peas and the leaf mix. Dress the greens with olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper before topping the pizza.
  6. Finally, finish off with shavings of cheese and more freshly ground black pepper.
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