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Here are our latest predictions for the 2023 Food Trends

The eating out market is set to be a challenging landscape to navigate in 2023 thanks to the cost of living crisis, ongoing supply issues and labour shortages. But the demand for enticing menus and offers still remains strong. Whether it’s through the love of food, a desire to socialise or even just convenience, eating out is an integral part of many of our lives.

In fact, 45% of consumers consider eating out a “fundamental activity” in their lives**. And around 2 in 3 UK adults (64%) said despite the cost of living crisis, they would find it difficult to stop eating and drinking out^.

And 7 in 10 people say eating and drinking out is still “the treat they most look forward to”**.

But with consumers having increasing amounts of choice on what, and where, they can eat and drink out of home, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the game by understanding the key trends that are influencing consumer choices.

Food Trends 2023: Brighton and London

Food Trends 2023: Glasgow

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About our research

Key drivers behind the food trends in 2023

About our research

This year, we worked with CGA by Nielson IQ, out of home market insights experts, to establish our key food and drink trends.

  • We reviewed a wealth of existing insight on the out of home market including sales data and consumer attitudes
  • We conducted a bespoke consumer survey with over 2,000 UK adults
  • We interviewed influencers in the food and drink industry including chefs and bloggers
  • We’ve built upon this data with extensive desk research
  • We even visited different cities to see the high-street trends in action ourselves, and speak to operators about how they’re implementing them

The ever-growing health trend

The ever-growing health trend is here to stay, with new legislation on HFSS products, pressure from the to reduce obesity, and a general desire to improve health since the pandemic, consumers take more interest in well-balanced diets and healthier choices.

Protecting the planet

Protecting the planet has become a real priority for many, and new policies and strategic objectives put pressure on organisations to become more transparent about their sustainability initiatives. And since the pandemic, consumers are prioritising sustainable choices again – some of which were limited during Covid restrictions.

The cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is undoubtedly changing out of home behaviours – with consumers becoming more mindful about how they spend their money, and expecting real value when they do. We’ve already seen that 4 in 10 consumers from Great Britain and Ireland are going out less frequently than they typically did**.

The aftermath of the pandemic

The aftermath of the pandemic lifestyles and routines have changed for many. Hybrid working has become commonplace, and flexible routines mean that all-day menus will have greater appeal. As the nation became more “foodie” and many people turned into amateur chefs and bakers, the standards and expectations around food out of home has risen. Social occasions are truly valued as people continue to make up for lost time.

Social media use

Social media use continues to boom, with half of the UK population using Instagram, and 7 in 10 using Facebook***. Well over a third of Instagram users follow food and drink influencers, and 36% follow hospitality venues’ accounts***. And the content is influencing consumer choices – with almost 2 in 3 people (64%) likely to visit a venue if they’ve seen it looks good on social media***. So, operators benefit from offering “insta-worthy” dishes, drinks or experiences.

More choice

And of course, more choice… Ongoing innovation and growth in the eating out market gives consumers so much more choice. And the expansion of drive-thrus, delivery services and digital ordering systems makes eating and drinking out more convenient. But all of this means more competition for operators, enhancing the need to truly hit the mark with consumers. 

What will the food trends be in 2023?

2023 food trends and the factors driving consumer choices out of home, reflect a number of contrasts and commonalities. Consumers hunger for adventure and at the same time yearn for the comfort and reassurance of nostalgic flavours and dishes, they value quality and a great experience when they eat out, but take a more conscious approach to counting costs, calories and the impacts of what they eat.

There are 6 exciting food and drink trends we’ve identified that will shape your food and drink menu in 2023. These are: Conscious Choices, Natures Gifts, Retro Love, Flavours Less Travelled (Peruvian, Sri Lankan, Pan-African and Unusual Fusions), Pizza Evolution and In the Spirit.

Which types of foods will be most popular?

Our research highlights that the popular choices for 2023 will be innovative takes on pizzas, dishes that are a little more adventurous (like Cuban, Sri Lankan, Pan-African and Unusual Fusions), classic or vintage dishes and flavours, as well as sustainable and foraged ingredients, vegan and vegetable-based dishes that celebrate the power of plants and vegetables.

What will the drinks trends be in 2023?

2023 drink trends follow similar themes to those we’ve identified for food trends out of home. Consumers have a taste for adventure, whilst being attracted to the comfort and reassurance of vintage and nostalgic flavours.

They are cost, sustainability and calorie conscious and many are still looking to drink mindfully and moderately, so our teams have identified some inspiring drink ideas for many of our 2023 trends. Mindful drinking, In the Spirit (Signature Serves and Trending Spirits- rum and tequila) as well as RetroLove cocktails are the key drink trends we’re highlighting for 2023.

Which types of drinks will be most popular?

One trend of our trends, In the Spirit is all about drinks. Tequila and rum are the two key trending spirits set to grow in 2023. But consumers are also attracted to Signature Serves and cocktails that that give them something a little different that adds to their eating out experience – think flavoured martinis, and unique cocktails with unusual ingredients.

In fact, 37% of consumers say that if they are opting for a cocktail when out for drinks, they’ll always or almost always go for a signature cocktail if one is available.****

Find out more on our alcohol trends 2023 page.

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