2019 food trends

The food and drinks trends of 2019 represent not just how and what consumers are wanting to eat and drink, but the context in which they consider the production, purchase and consumption of food and drink products.

Wider macro trends continue to reveal the shifts in consumer attitudes, behaviours and lifestyles, showing how economic, technological and sustainable influences are changing how we think, how we make decisions and how we act. Set against a wider social backdrop, we have been working with food experts, research resources and various news and publication channels to develop a selection of ten food and drink trends for the year ahead.


Macro trends

Conscious consumer

People are seeking out ways to make positive decisions about what to support, promote and purchase. Issues such as environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, responsible farming practices and overproduction of goods are all at the forefront of consumers’ minds; increasingly, we are seeking out solutions to the negative impact of consumerism.

Changing communities

There is a growing momentum to take on new challenges, to reach new heights and uncover new interests. Whether it’s protesting, volunteering, being environmentally savvy, consumers are showcasing their approaches to make them feel engaged and empowered but with the goal of inspiring others too.

Spending and The State

With the economy weighing on people’s minds, consumer confidence is falling, injecting a mood of despondency on their own, and the State’s, future finances.

Transformative technology

Technology is getting smarter. Surrounding and engulfing numerous areas of our life, technology is helping us to be more efficient, and is ultimately getting more efficient because of us. As well as immersing ourselves in several forms of media we are now helping to co-create, remix and hack it.

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Telling a Story

Gourmet Get Together

Good For Me, Good For You

Awaken My Senses

Great Britan

Americas Discovered

Modern European

Asian Appetites

The Middle East


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