Asian Appetites

Driven by street food moving into mainstream outlets...

…and by us all travelling more and looking for authentic foods, Asian food is going more authentic, towards local dishes and ingredients. This is light and fresh, dishes and drinks that are easy to eat and share with others.

Why is this a 2019 food trend?

The Asian cuisine has been trending for a while now, and consumers are very familiar with it. Now, they are looking for more authentic, regional variations, and for favourite cuisine fusions. With the advent of fun with food and a move away from limiting traditions, we’re able to play with our food and create fusions and hybrids with favoured cuisines.

Defining this trend

  1. Moving from the familiar to the authentic, regional specialities
  2. Widening the barriers of traditions to play with food and create fun fusions
  3. Light and fresh dishes that are easy to eat and to share with others
  4. Regional cuisine and recipes are key to this trend, embracing our desire to differentiate local specialities
  5. The world is growing smaller as we travel more; consumers are keen to bring the flavours home and meld them with other cuisines
  6. Street food is putting less well-known Asian dishes on the menu allowing new flavours to be enjoyed more affordably

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