Great Britain

With the uncertainty of Brexit and with potential complexities in the food chain, we want to eat British and, if possible, local ingredients

An easy way to ensure provenance and craft in your food is to use British products, you are also supporting your local and countrywide economies. If we support our producers and farmers then we are also helping them to create export items for a future outside the EU.

Why is this a 2019 food trend?

Brexit and food chain issues are driving this trend. As we learn more about our food from the TV and media, we want to know more about it. Knowledge is king, driving consumers to British food and drinks.

Defining this trend

  1. Supporting our local and countrywide economies driving consumers to British food and drink
  2. Working together to overcome Brexit and food chain challenges
  3. Local ingredients, provenance and products for a future outside the EU
  4. Time to shout about the food that can be produced in the British Isles
  5. Boasting about hyper-local food, introducing breeds of food that are full of flavour and not just grown for yield
  6. Acknowledging the desire for quality craft beers and wines that support local producers


Yorkshire pudding wrap

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