Americas Discovered

Flavours and techniques of America have always driven this trend, we are now seeing more regional and authentic recipes being used

American feeds into many trends, particularly Gourmet Get Together and Awaken My Senses. Latin American is full of provenance, with local recipes and ingredients used. Also, we are seeing these recipes becoming more healthy with a lighter fresher note than before.

Why is this a 2019 food trend?

We are travelling more, and looking for more unusual flavours that span the breadth of the American continent. As we look for healthy foods – still with heat and interest – we are seeing that Latin American food can offer this. With plenty of chilli heat and sour from citrus, Latin American cuisine can fulfil many wants and needs in healthier food.

Defining this trend

  1. Transforming of traditional recipes to healthier, lighter options
  2. Looking for healthier choices but with the same interesting and intense flavours
  3. Latin American cuisine, sweet and savoury melding, heat and hotness!
  4. America is still moulding what we eat; we can’t get enough of American classics
  5. Because of our love for this continent’s cuisine we’re increasingly turning to regional specialities for something a bit different
  6. Well-travelled consumers are expanding their tastes across the Americas, putting South America in the limelight


Louisiana rice burrito with bbq pulled jackfruit

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