Afro-Caribbean food fits a lot of criteria that us Brits love

It is a cuisine full of flavour, with a good hit of chilli heat. There are a lot of more unusual ingredients that are only just emerging, although jerk is a flavour that is well known across all channels. Adding a plantain, or rice and peas can add a touch of this cuisine to any dish. Try curry goat, with similar flavours and textures to Indian curry.

Why is this a 2019 food trend?

Afro-Caribbean is a cuisine that is only just starting to trend, although jerk flavour has been around for sometime. We will start to see jollof appearing on menus in the future. As we embrace this cuisine, we will see dishes such as plasas with foo foo appearing too.

Defining this trend

  1. Starting to emerge as a trend meeting the already adventurous tastes of consumers
  2. Widening of the portfolio of established ingredients to the more unusual
  3. Plantain, jollof rice and breadfruit are making subtle menu appearances
  4. This trend portrays spicy, sweet and flavourful dishes
  5. Jerk chicken is a familiar favourite for us, but we’re constantly fascinated by the flavours from the Caribbean
  6. We are seeing cassava being used as an alternative to chips

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