Gourmet Get Together

In a time of political uncertainty, we are all looking for a touch of comfort, and what better way than through food and drink

We are looking for overfilled, over the top food and drinks, adding a touch of fun and luxury to our eating occasions. We are playing with our food, adding ingredients to classic dishes and drinks, creating new classics. Food is increasingly served in bowls, as we feel this is a comforting way to eat both our nostalgic and new dishes.

Why is this a 2019 food trend?

We want to share food with our friends and family, and this food needs to be fun. We want to have comfort in our food and are looking back at such things as sandwiches and bringing them into the 21st Century. We are realising that taste and texture are both important in food and this trend offers this in spades. We want easy to eat food, but we want this food to be relatively good for us, with the odd treat every now and then.

Defining this trend

  1. Seeking out the best in social get togethers
  2. Sharing and enjoying fun, innovative and experimental dishes with friends and family
  3. Food that is good for us, with the inclusion of elements of indulgence now and then!
  4. The creation of fun in food with nostalgic treats from breakfast through to dinner, with snacks in between
  5. Classical dishes are being resurrected for the modern consumer in more imaginative ways
  6. Informal dishes accompanied by craft beverages are opening up to become social sharing experiences.


Winter spiced brioche pudding

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